The Medical Association Condemns The Attack On A Female Doctor At The Mubarak Al-Kabeer Eastern Center
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Kuwait Medical Association condemned the attack on a female doctor in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer East Center in the Ahmadi Health District, stressing that this incident should not pass without “accountability”, stressing that the society’s legal office is fully prepared to defend the doctor and all the doctors.

The President of the Kuwaiti Medical Association, Dr. Ahmed Thuwaini Al-Enezi, expressed his regret over the repeated attacks on doctors recently, stressing at the same time that the new practice of medicine law, which was recently approved by the government and the National Assembly and prepared by the medical societies and the Ministry of Health It hardens and tightens the penalties for the aggressors of the medical body to be a deterrent to the perpetrators of such attack.



24 Oct, 2020 480
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