The Criminal Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Citizen And Sentenced The First Defendant To Two Year Imprisonment With Hard Labor
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he Criminal Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen (the second defendant) who was accused of hitting another citizen (the first defendant). The court sentenced the first defendant to twoyear imprisonment with hard labor. It then referred the case to the civil division. According to the case file, the second defendant explained that he was visiting his relatives in Ardiya on May 31, 2014 when the first defendant attacked him with a knife which led to injuries on his chest and shoulder. Investigations carried out by the incharge officer revealed that the first defendant was responsible for the injuries sustained by the second defendant and that the knife was first held by the second defendant and he first hit the first defendant but the latter took the knife from him and attacked him. During the court session, the counsel to the second defendant Lawyer Bashar Al-Nasser requested for the acquittal of his client and payment of KD 5,001 as compensation. He insisted that the accusations launched against his client are malicious, pointing out the criminal history of the first defendant who was involved in similar cases in the past. Indicating that the injuries on the first defendant are minor while the injuries on his client are several and deep, he hinted that the first defendant deliberately injured himself with the aim of manipulating the legal system in order to blame his client. Lawyer Al-Nasser said it is strange that the injuries on his client’s body are so deep and numerous when he was the one holding the knife, stressing that the first defendant claimed his client injured him in the back but the medical report did not mention about any injuries on his back. He indicated that even the witness brought by the counsel of the first defendant testified that the first defendant was the one to hit his client.



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