The Court Of Cassation Will Hear Appeals Filed By The Convicts In The Case Of Storming The National Assembly
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The Court of Cassation will hear appeals (Sunday, Feb 18, 2018) filed by the convicts in the case of storming the National Assembly, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to the law, those whose sentences have been upheld by the Court of Appeals but are still at large, must surrender and produce themselves in person with their defense lawyers so that the Court of Cassation look into their plea.

Sources said if the defendant is not present, the Court of Cassation will not look into such cases. Meanwhile, MPs Faisal Al-Muslim and Mubarak Al-Wa’alan and others are said to have surrendered Friday at dawn after arriving from Turkey. They were handed over to the Sentences Enforcement Department and then were driven to the Central Prison. An informed source said the number of convicts in the Parliament ‘storming’ case has exceeded 50.

The source also said given the large number of defendants, the theater of the Palace of Justice will be converted into a courtroom to accommodate everyone



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