The Big Number Of Resignations Among Kuwaiti Teachers Which Increased From 400 To 1700 This Year
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The big number of resignations among Kuwaiti teachers, which increased from 400 to 1,700 this year, surprised the Public Education Department in the Ministry of Education especially since most of the resignations were submitted within a short period.

Human Resources Department Director Soud Al-Juwaiser attributed the big number of resignations to the enforcement of law number 86/2017 on the teachers’ indemnity that was implemented on July 3, 2017 and the law on disability which was enforced recently.  He pointed the number of resignations has been increasing in the last few years; indicating the increase is limited to educational jobs including teachers, heads of departments, deputy managers and school managers while stressing there is no need for anybody to worry.

Al-Juwaiser went on to say a male teacher who is the guardian of a disabled person can retire after 20 years in service and 15 years for a female teacher. He added that for normal cases, the period needed to be eligible for retirement is 25 years for female teachers and 30 years for their male counterparts.



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