The Airport Will Start Operating 24 Hours From November 17
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Local Arabic newspaper Alrai reported that General Administration of Civil Aviation announced the start of operating Kuwait International Airport for 24 hours, starting from November 17th.

The Director General of Civil Aviation, Eng. Suleiman Al-Fawzan, directed a letter to the Ministry of Health regarding the review of health requirements at the airport, in which he explained that the representative of the Ministry of Health stated during the meeting of the Executive Committee for the commercial re-operation yesterday that if the required numbers of registration and organization crews are prepared, there is no objection to the ministry from starting The airport will operate 24 hours, indicating that Nass and Kuwait Airways are ready to provide these crews, and that the airport will start operating 24 hours, starting on November 17, 2020.

informed sources told that allowing the airport to operate for a period of 24 hours a day aims to facilitate the timing of daily flights by canceling the night flight ban, indicating that the matter will not affect the number of flights mentioned in the first phase of the gradual operation of the airport.

The sources indicated that the Civil Aviation Administration is waiting for the Ministry of Health’s response.



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