Termination Of Employee Without Valid Reason
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According to the Kuwait Labour Law an employer has the right to terminate the services of the employee without prior notice and without paying the employee’s indemnity and compensation, if an employee commits any of the infractions as spelt out in the Kuwait Labour Law.

What if they terminate the employee without any concrete reason or no disciplinary actions at all? What if the management says they have the right not to disclose the reason and terminate the employee directly without prior notice?

Does the employee have the right to transfer regardless he worked less than three years in that company and could he demand for his indemnity and final pay?

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Answer: In the second series of scenarios you enumerated, the employer has the right to terminate your services but he is obliged by law to give you a notice period of three months.

He is also obliged to give you a transfer regardless of whether you meet the three-year service period or not. In addition, the employer has to pay you indemnity for the number of years you worked for him as well as compensate you in monetary terms for the number of years or months left for the contract to run its full course



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