Terminated For Asking A Raise - Want To Transfer To Dependent Visa And Get A Driving License
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I want to ask the following:

1. I am on a government visa project, hired abroad, and have been with the company for 2 years. I asked my Snr Engineer for a raise in salary because my company cut around 40 percent of my supposed salary which was in the contract (oil sector). When the head office was notified the manager got angry and terminated me (no warning). I went to the HR head office and asked for a copy of the termination paper but they refused to give it to me. They informed me that the HR staff will call me and will give me a paper anytime. They also informed me that my last day in the company will be January 2017. Please shed a light on this matter.

2. As I have said I am on a government visa project and want to transfer to a dependent visa and thought of getting a driver’s license because all of my kids are here and it is necessary. Should the husband’s salary bracket be above KD 600? Or how does it work?

Name withheld

Answer: The HR Department has to give you the three-month notice (it can be both verbal or written). And as long as this verbal notice has been given there is nothing wrong with the issue.

On the issue of the driving license for the housewife, the rule says that only those housewives can apply for the driving license whose husbands meet the requirements for a driving license … which means that your husband must be earning at least KD 600 per month (one of the requirements).



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