Tenders For Seven Major Road Projects To Face Axed

16 March 2023 Article

According to sources within the Ministry of Public Works, the ministry is in the process of requesting cancellation of seven tenders for major road projects owned by the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport. Based on the study of the companies qualified to implement these projects, it was found that there were deficiencies in the qualification procedures, and the Council of Ministers was advised to amend these procedures.

Al-Rai daily reports, "The ministry had previously asked the Central Agency for Public Tenders to cancel the tenders, but the agency refused to do so," according to the sources.

According to sources, the Roads Authority Board of Directors had previously recommended the cancellation of these tenders be completed as quickly as possible, in order to prepare for re-offering, in accordance with the Cabinet's decision about calculating the basis and standards of estimated costs, in accordance with the Central Agency's circular, and proposing projects according to priorities.

It should be done in accordance with the government's directives to rationalize spending, simplify project components, and ensure proper management of directing expenditures and implementing projects, in accordance with the government's work program and the requirements of development lines, as well as the implementation of housing projects throughout the country.

Sources reported that preliminary studies of the road budget during the next five years resulted in savings of one billion dinars for the state.

The sources indicated that there is a tendency to cancel the draft budget for road projects in the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport for the fiscal year 2023-2024 and to return those projects to the Ministry of Works.

She explained that «this approach is expected to be discussed by the Ministry of Finance with representatives of the Roads Authority during the next week, coinciding with the talk about the abolition of the Roads.


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