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Cabinet Holds Weekly Meeting Yesterday Called on all Citizens & Residents to adhere to health measures. ◾️ Approved a law to impose an immediate fine on those who violate health requirements & who do not wear face mask. ... October 13, 2020 849 Category: Kuwait
MOI: We Monitored 7 Sites For By-elections Yesterday Yesterday, Saturday, the Ministry of Interior said that it had spotted 7 new sites in which by-elections were held, or the so-called consultations, in violation of Article (5/45) of Law No. 35 of 1962... September 27, 2020 366 Category: Kuwait
Today Like Yesterday IT IS difficult to find a situation similar to the current situation in Kuwait. All that can be said is, “Today looks similar to yesterday.” During this time in 1986, Kuwait was battere... April 23, 2019 237 Category: Opinion
Hala February 2017 Begins Yesterday In Kuwait Hala February 2017 Carnival kicked off yesterday as Kuwaitis, expatriates joined the colorful parade. Some government ministries, agencies and foreign embassies participated in the parade. The Hala Fe... February 11, 2017 1169 Category: Kuwait
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