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In 2021, The Ministry Of Manpower Renewed 1.27 Million Work Permits According to Bushra Selim, who oversees the Operations Department of the Public Authority for Manpower's Information Systems Center, 90% of the authority's services are now automated, includin... August 30, 2022 131 Category: Kuwait
Over 60 work permit renewals are ongoing without interruption The Public Authority for Manpower has certified that the renewal of expatriates over the age of 60 who do not have a university degree is proceeding as planned, in accordance with the controls and req... March 22, 2022 897 Category: Expats
60+ Non Graduate Expats forced to pay Insurance and renewal fee twice A number of non-graduate expatriates aged 60 and up who are covered by Administrative Decision No. 34 of 2022, which allowed them to renew or transfer their work permits within the private sector for ... February 12, 2022 862 Category: Kuwait
Non-graduate Palestinians (60+) Have Trouble Renewing Their Work Permits Many non-graduate Palestinians residing in Kuwait, aged 60 and more, appear to be experiencing short-term happiness because they are unable to renew their work licences due to a lack of 'authentic... February 08, 2022 447 Category: Kuwait
Sixty Plus Decision Still Awaiting Final Solution; Temp Residency For Three Month While the issue of the 'Sixty plus expatriates' is still awaiting a final solution, the Ministry of Interior continues to grant temporary residency permits for expatriates from this category w... December 10, 2021 571 Category: Expats
United Nations Voices Concern About Kuwait’s Ban On Renewing Work Permits Of ‘60s’ The United Nations Committee in Kuwait recommended the necessity of increasing the inspection capacity to monitor working conditions within companies to ensure the effective implementation of the sanc... November 29, 2021 926 Category: Kuwait
Inability Of Thousands Of Expatriates To Renew Work Permits Harms National Economy Economists in response to what was published yesterday, under the title ‘316,700 expatriates failed to renew their residence permits’ say this situation has seriously affected the investme... November 17, 2021 1239 Category: Expats
New Work Permits Issuance From Tuesday A new mechanism for receiving requests for new work permits will be announced starting next Tuesday, in implementation of the Cabinet’s decision to reopen the issuance of new visas and work perm... October 31, 2021 4774 Category: Kuwait
PAM Board Of Directors To Meet To Discuss Cancellation Of Decision Issued By Al-Mousa While the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) did not issue any new instructions regarding work permits for expatriates over 60 years of age who hold high school certificates and below, informed sourc... October 10, 2021 781 Category: Kuwait
The Fatwa And Legislation Cancels The Decision To Ban Work Permits For Expatriates Over 60 There is no legal basis to ban work permits for expatriates over 60 who hold high school diplomas and below, the Fatwa and Legislation committee announced today, Arabic daily Al Rai reported. Direc... October 07, 2021 3001 Category: Kuwait
Government Moves To Resolve The Issue Of Work Permits For 60 Years And Above Authorities have developed four options to solve the humanitarian and economic problem created by the decision to ban the issuance of work permits for expatriate workers aged 60 years and above with h... September 27, 2021 1252 Category: Kuwait
Government Employees May Not Be Included In The Decision Of Not Renewing Work Permits For Over 60 Years Old Expats The government’s decision to not renew work permits for expatriates who have reached the age of 60 with no college degree, only includes employees of the private sector not the government sector... August 08, 2021 1318 Category: Expats
Those Covered Under 60 Years Law Have No Choice But To Leave The decision to renew work permits for an annual fee of KD 2000 for those residents who are over 60 years of age with secondary qualification or less was no less shocking than the decision of not rene... July 15, 2021 1516 Category: Kuwait
PAM Announced Cancellation Of 61,975 Work Permits Within 6 Months The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) announced the cancellation of 61,975 work permits for residents, in a period of approximately 6 months, Al Qabas reported. PAM statistical reports for the pe... July 14, 2021 770 Category: Kuwait
PAM Made Final Cancellation Of Work Permits Online The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) allows final cancelation of work permit before the final departure of expatriates to be done online. According to Al-Anba report, the registration for final ... July 04, 2021 940 Category: Kuwait
Move To Allow Converting Commercial Visit To Work Permits In a step to solve the labor shortages in the market due to the closure of recruitment visas for labors, the Corona Emergency Committee has approved the request of shop owners and commercial companies... June 30, 2021 3490 Category: Kuwait
No Exemptions Yet To Over-60 Expat Ban, Law Burden On Economy After the implementation of the decision to prohibit the issuance of work permits for expatriates aged over 60 without a university degree starting from the beginning of this year, the Public Authorit... May 31, 2021 2098 Category: Kuwait
PAM Outlines Regulations For Transferring Work Permits Under Government Contracts The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) will start a series of measures to control the labor market and handle the leakage from government contracts after monitoring about 420,000 workers registered o... August 25, 2020 998 Category: Expats
Restrictions Put On Work Permits Labor departments at the Public Authority for Manpower has prevented the transfer of work permits (from one company to another) for those working in private sector who are over 65 years old despite th... July 18, 2020 2673 Category: Kuwait
2 Months Grace Period To Transfer Workers Salary From The Date Of Issuance Of The Work Permits The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has called on Information Systems Department to give the employer, a two-month grace period from the date of issuance of the work permits to approve the transfe... January 08, 2020 393 Category: Kuwait
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