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Meteorology: Chances Of Rain And Wind Activity Will Continue Until Tomorrow Evening The Kuwait Meteorological Department said that the chance of rain in the country will continue until noon tomorrow, Monday, and the amounts of rain will be light to medium, indicating that the gradual... November 15, 2020 549 Category: Information
Kuwait Stocks Wind Up In Red - Volume Shrinks Kuwait stocks pulled lower on Sunday after posting modest gains during previous week . The All Shares Index fell 6.14 pts in sluggish trade to 5,033.42 points weighed by some of the mid-caps even as o... October 29, 2018 298 Category: Business
Kuwait Stocks Wind Up Month In Red Territory Kuwait stocks slipped into red on Sunday after charting a mixed course in the previous week. The All Shares Index dropped 10.48 points in choppy session to 5,128.04 points weighed by Humansoft Holding... October 01, 2018 385 Category: Business
Cold Weather Expected This Week Meteorologist Abdul Aziz Al-Qarawi expected warm weather and southeasterly winds will continue until this evening, when a cold northwesterly moderate wind of speeds between 15-45 kilometers per hour w... December 25, 2017 1900 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Chance For Scattered Rain On Friday Due To The Presence Of Low Pressure Wind There is a chance for scattered rain on Friday due to the presence of low-pressure wind in Kuwait’s atmosphere, said the official at the Kuwait Meteorological Department Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi. Spe... April 07, 2017 512 Category: Kuwait
Dust Prevails Due To Northwestern Wind Northwestern wind will increase the chances of dusty weather in Kuwait, said a meteorologist Monday. Executive at the Kuwaiti meteorology department Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi said that the dry and hot north... June 14, 2016 1020 Category: Kuwait
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