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I Like, I Dont Like WALLS in our schools were filled with magazines from which we learned a lot when we were children, teenagers and youths. One corner had a magazine titled, “I like’, I don’t like.&rdq... January 03, 2019 883 Category: article
Kuwaiti House Design Finalized Which Will Be Constructed Next To Souk Sharq Director of Technical Supervision Department at Ministry of Electricity and Water Eng Iqbal Al-Tayyar has affirmed the completion of the first phase related to the design of the Kuwaiti House, which w... July 28, 2017 682 Category: Kuwait
The Big Number Of Resignations Among Kuwaiti Teachers Which Increased From 400 To 1700 This Year The big number of resignations among Kuwaiti teachers, which increased from 400 to 1,700 this year, surprised the Public Education Department in the Ministry of Education especially since most of the ... July 26, 2017 453 Category: Kuwait
Which Countries Have The Most And Least Confidence In Their Governments Trust in government is vitally important. It serves as a driving force for a country's economic development, makes governmental decisions more effective and leads to greater compliance with regula... July 14, 2017 596 Category: International
Court Ordered A Famous Sweets Company To Vacate A Shop Which Is Renting In Salmiya Area The Court of First Instance ordered a famous sweets company to vacate a shop it is renting in Salmiya area, giving the company a three-month evacuation notice effective from the date of the verdict. I... July 10, 2017 500 Category: Crime News
Citation Will Be Issued Against Any Vehicle Which Tinted Its Glass Exceeding The 30 Percent Limit Citation will be issued against any vehicle which tinted its glass exceeding the 30 percent limit, local Arabic news paper reported. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ... July 04, 2017 549 Category: Kuwait
NPC Asked Speed Up Issuance Of A Law Which Bans Smoking In Public The parliamentary Negative Phenomena Committee (NPC) has asked the Municipal Council to speed up issuance of a law which bans smoking in public and to allocate smoking areas in cafés and restau... April 19, 2017 697 Category: Kuwait
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