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Kuwait Experiences Dust Storms Regularly In June, Says A Meteorologist Kuwait always experiences dust storms in June, which is called "the month of bawareh" locally; dusty weather also occurs in July, according to Dr. Hassan Dashti, the national meteorologist a... June 05, 2022 482 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Low Visibility Due To Active Winds And Dust Northwesterly winds are expected to cause dust in the next few hours with speeds exceeding 60 kilometers per hour, according to the Meteorological Department. As a result, sea waves will rise over ... May 30, 2022 222 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Monday And Tuesday Will Be Dusty In The Country The activity of northwesterly winds, which are expected to exceed 50 kph on Monday and Tuesday, is expected to produce dusty conditions in the country, met. Jamal Ibrahim said. According to him, th... May 29, 2022 635 Category: Weather in Kuwait
This Week, Kuwait Will Have Poor Visibility Due To Strong Winds The weather is expected to be affected by 55 km/h northwesterly winds as of midday Monday, according to the meteorological centre. Yasser Al-Bloushi, the chief forecaster, told KUNA that the winds wer... May 29, 2022 580 Category: Weather in Kuwait
As Of Tonight, Kuwait Skies Will Start Clearing Kuwait's national meteorology center said that conditions are expected to remain mostly dusty throughout the day before beginning to clear up by tonight. According to Yasser Al-Bloushi, the hea... May 24, 2022 196 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait Forecasts A Dust Storm For Monday Kuwait is expected to see a dense dust storm on Monday, rolling in from the west and affecting the internal regions of the country. The visibility is expected to be less than 1,000 meters. A Kuwaiti m... May 22, 2022 892 Category: Weather in Kuwait
WMO: Human Health Is At Risk From Sandstorms Sandstorms have overtaken the Middle East in recent days, phenomena that scientists fear may spread as a result of climate change, endangering human health. In Iraq, where eight sandstorms have covere... May 22, 2022 422 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Met Warns Of Active Winds And Reduced Visibility Until 4:00 P.m. According to a meteorological report issued today by the Meteorological Department, northwesterly winds will gust to more than 50 kilometres per hour, reducing horizontal vision to less than 1,000 met... May 17, 2022 226 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Dust Storm Temporarily Halts Airport Traffic In Kuwait Due to a dust storm that reduced visibility throughout Kuwait, flights to and from International Airport Kuwait were temporarily stop on Monday. According to Imad Al-Jalawi, Deputy DG for Air Navig... May 16, 2022 303 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Dust Wave Is Expected To Persist Until Tomorrow Morning, MoI Urges Caution In light of the current dust wave and low visibility in the country, the Ministry of the Interior urges the public to exercise caution. In a press release, the Ministry encouraged the public to cal... May 16, 2022 411 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Friday And Saturday Will Have Inclement Weather In the coming days, according to Meteorologist Muhammad Karam, will be unstable for a variety of reasons, including the strong northerly winds, which will exceed 55 kilometers per hour. The high wi... May 12, 2022 386 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Almost 25% Of The Year Is Covered By Dust In Kuwait According to research, Kuwait is dusty for around 25% of the year, or about four months out of the year. As per experts, this occurs primarily in the summer owing to its geographic position, mete... May 11, 2022 222 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Dusty Winds Will Continue Until May 16 The moderate weather in Kuwait is expected to continue for the next three days, with astronomer Adel Al-Marzouq predicting that it will remain clear and sunny until Thursday, with temperatures in the ... May 10, 2022 194 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Weather Will Be Unstable In Kuwait The Ministry of the Interior has urged everyone to take caution owing to the changing weather conditions, which have been followed by a wave of dust that has restricted visibility on several roadways.... April 24, 2022 310 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Meteorologist Issa Ramadan Says Thunderstorms Are Possible This Week Meteorologist Issa Ramadan expects thunderstorms to hit the country Wednesday evening and the early morning of Thursday. As part of the Sarayat season, which has officially begun, there may be thun... April 17, 2022 383 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Thunderstorms, Dust And High Velocity Winds Are Expected On Saturday, the Meteorological Department of the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation issued a weather warning, saying several hours of scattered rain and thunder would be followed by strong winds b... April 16, 2022 296 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Light Rain Is Expected This Weekend During the coming Thursday and Friday, Kuwait may encounter light rain, which may also be thunderous at times, according to Meteorologist Mohamed Karam. Currently, the country is experiencing the S... April 12, 2022 242 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Poor Horizontal Visibility Is Warned By Met A local Arabic newspaper reports that the Meteorological Department has issued an alert regarding a decrease in horizontal visibility due to rising dust. Visibility may be reduced to less than 1000 me... April 10, 2022 211 Category: Weather in Kuwait
It Will Be Moderately Cold This Weekend This weekend is expected to be a moderately cool day and a fairly cold night according to Meteorologist Fahad Al-Otaibi. It will be a good day for outdoor activities, he said. During the cold weath... March 19, 2022 238 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait Will Be Hit By A Cold Wave Next Sunday, Says Astronomer Badr Al-Amira The temperatures are expected to drop in Kuwait starting from next Sunday due to a polar cold wave, said Astronomer Badr Al-Amira. Arab newspaper Al-Qabas reported that this winter will be the last... March 09, 2022 571 Category: Weather in Kuwait
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