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Hot Weather With Light To Moderate Wind Expected Today The Meteorological Department stated that the weather today, Saturday, is expected to be hot with northwesterly light to moderate winds, brisk at 15-45 km/h with a chance of dust over open areas, Al Q... June 19, 2021 198 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Weather Expected To Improve From Friday Afternoon The Kuwaiti Meteorological Department expects the hot and brisk northwesterly dust-laden winds, with speeds exceeding 70 kilometers per hour to continue as was the case Thursday. The winds are expecte... June 17, 2021 289 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Jaber Vaccination Appointment For Today Shifted To Mishref Due To Bad Weather The Ministry of Health instructed those with vaccination appointments at the Jaber Bridge Center to go to the vaccination center at the exhibition grounds in Mishref at the time specified in the text ... June 17, 2021 248 Category: Coronavirus
MOI Evacuates 140 Civilians Stuck In Failaka Island Dues Bad Weather Ministry of Interior evacuated 140 citizens and residents that were stuck on Failaka Island due to the bad weather conditions this weekend. Minister of Interior Sheikh Thamer Ali Sabah Al-Salem superv... June 15, 2021 167 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Dust Storm And Drop In Temperature Blessing For MEW While the severe dust storm is sounding the alarm bell in all state agencies to deal with its repercussions related to health, low visibility or removal of sand from the outer roads, the Ministry of E... June 14, 2021 312 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Dust Disrupts Ports, The Dust Wave To Continue Till Tuesday The wave of dust that hit the country caused a lack of horizontal visibility, which led to the temporary suspension of marine navigation yesterday in the country’s ports- Shuwaikh, Shuaiba, and&... June 14, 2021 803 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Banks To Be Closed In The Evening Due To Dust The Kuwait Banks Association announced that due to bad weather and forecasts of an increase in the storm, bank branches will be closed today in the evening, Al Qabas reported. Kuwait is witnessing ... June 13, 2021 328 Category: Weather in Kuwait
The Gloomy Weather To Continue This Week The active northwest wind with speed exceeding 70 kilometers per hour during the past two days carried thousands of tons of fine sand to the highways, in addition to the thick suspended dust that enve... June 13, 2021 531 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Power Consumption Up With Hot Weather The power consumption index continues to soar daily; setting a record of 14,506 megawatts on Wednesday — about 250 megawatts higher than Tuesday when the consumption reached 14,250 megawatts and... June 06, 2021 175 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait To Experience Hot Weather Today - Meteorology The Meteorological Department has predicted that the weather is expected to be hot today and northwesterly moderate to brisk winds with a chance of dust, speed 20-50 km / h, Al Qabas daily reported. ... June 02, 2021 280 Category: Weather in Kuwait
The Temperature Touches 50 Degrees In A Two-day Wave The Kuwait Meteorological Department expected high temperatures in the country to reach around 47 to 49 degrees Celsius, with sea waves rising to more than seven feet, and this condition will last mor... June 01, 2021 377 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Unstable Weather To Continue Until Noon Tomorrow The country is experiencing unstable weather condition starting from today, Sunday, which will continue until noon tomorrow, predicted the Meteorological Department, Al Rai reported. Active winds w... May 02, 2021 217 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Severe Dust Storm Expected Tomorrow High intensity northwesterly winds that may exceed 70 km / hr raising dust, leading to a decrease in horizontal visibility to less than 500 meters and may be absent in some areas, especially open area... March 11, 2021 917 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Warm Weather During The Day And Tends To Be Cold At Night The Meteorological Department expected Tuesday’s weather to be warm and the winds directional to northwest, light to moderate, with speed 08-28 km / hour. As for the night, the weat... March 02, 2021 476 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Heat Drops, Weather To Improve In Coming Days The temperature has currently dropped in Kuwait amid an incoming high pressure from the west bringing with it improved weather. Yasser Al-Bloushi, the head of marine forecast at Kuwait Control and ... February 18, 2021 257 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Authorities Urge Caution Due To Unstable Weather In Kuwait The Kuwait Fire Force called on nationals and expatriates to exercise caution due to looming unstable weather conditions in the country on Wednesday. The public was urged to contact the emergency serv... February 17, 2021 442 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Scattered Rain And Thunderstorms Expected This Evening The Meteorological Department forecast today is a chance for scattered rains, varying from light to medium intensity, with an opportunity for thunderstorms. There will also be intense southern dust... February 17, 2021 190 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Incoming Turbulent, Dusty Weather Weather in Kuwait is forecast to turn unstable in the coming few hours with expected rainfalls and robust winds, Kuwait Control and Meteorological Center (KCMC) reported on Tuesday. KCMC forecaster Ya... February 16, 2021 166 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Today's Weather Is Warm In Kuwait The Meteorological Department said Saturday's weather is warm, with northwesterly to moderately variable winds, with speed 08-26 km / h. It is expected that the weather will be cool to cold at ... February 13, 2021 393 Category: Automotive
Today's Weather Is Warm The Meteorological Department said that the weather is warm today, Tuesday, with light northwesterly winds at moderate speeds of 12-35 km / h, and showing some scattered clouds with a chance to form a... February 09, 2021 451 Category: Weather in Kuwait