News On Waste
Highest Per Capita Waste In Kuwait - World Bank According to a recent report by the World Bank, the daily per capita wastes in Kuwait is 1.55 kilograms – the third highest among Arab and Gulf countries after Bahrain and the United Arab Emirat... September 24, 2018 595 Category: Kuwait
Trucker To Be Deported For Dumping Industrial Waste Close To A Mosque Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Ministry of Interior has issued an explanatory statement on a video clip circulated via social media, which shows a tanker driver dumping industri... September 20, 2018 349 Category: Crime News
Truck Driver Caught For Dumping Waste Water A citizen called the Operations Unit in the Interior Ministry, complaining about an Egyptian truck driver who allegedly dumped liquid waste materials in the drainage network flowing into Shuwaikh Sea,... June 24, 2018 339 Category: Crime News
Waste Bags On Kuwait Airport Checked The Public Relations and Security Media Department of Ministry of the Interior responded to a video clip that went viral on social media which shows workers of a cleaning company at Kuwait Internation... December 29, 2017 876 Category: Kuwait
EPA Suspends Transportation Services For Waste Materials sources affirmed that the Ministry of Health did not refuse receiving private sector medical waste; however, it does not have the capacity to receive all waste materials. Sources cited administrative ... April 23, 2017 787 Category: Kuwait
Environmental Sector Have Warned About A New Environmental Bomb Over Hazardous Medical Waste In a new chapter of health and environmental risks which could devastate both the citizens and expatriates, sources from the environmental sector have warned about a new ‘environmental bomb&rsqu... April 23, 2017 1187 Category: Kuwait
Trucker Caught Dumping Waste On Road The drivers of two tankers were arrested for dumping dangerous industrial liquid wastes on the Seventh Ring Road near Kabad stables. According to a press statement issued by Ministry of Interior, the ... February 06, 2016 1471 Category: Kuwait
Cops Arrested A Truck Driver For Releasing Hazardous Industrial Waste Near Farm Environment police arrested a truck driver who emptied a tank full of dangerous liquid industrial waste near a farm in Sulaibiya. The illegal action contaminated the soil and air. The driver was sent ... January 22, 2016 1752 Category: Kuwait