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Warrant Out On Al-Duwailah The Public Prosecutor has issued a search and arrest warrant against former MP Mubarak Al-Duwailah on the background of ‘leaked conversation’ with the late Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi... July 16, 2020 951 Category: Crime News
Arrest Warrant Issued For 15 Workers Of Insurance Department  Minister of Commerce and Industry Khalid Al-Rawdhan has granted an arrest warrant for the detention of 15 employees of Insurance Department, reports Aljarida daily quoting informed sources. T... October 03, 2018 1036 Category: Crime News
Ex-Husband Beats Up Kuwaiti Woman A case of beating and assault has been filed against the ex-husband of an unidentified Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Anba daily. The woman, who is believed to be in her 40s, in her complaint to the police... September 17, 2018 732 Category: Crime News
Prosecutor Has Issued Arrest Warrant For Manhandling His Wife The Farwaniya Prosecutor has issued a warrant for the arrest of a Kuwaiti for manhandling his wife, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the man allegedly mercilessly beat his wife causing her frac... March 01, 2018 491 Category: Crime News
Police Arrested 20 Gamblers Police acting on a tip-off recently raided an apartment and arrested 20 gamblers and referred them to the concerned authority, reports Al-Anba daily. The men were arrested in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. Prepar... January 16, 2018 590 Category: Crime News
Three Asian Bootleggers Have Been Arrested Three Asian bootleggers have been arrested and referred to the concerned authorities for legal action, Al-Shahed daily. The daily quoting security sources said police acting on a tip-off from a police... January 08, 2018 648 Category: Crime News
Officers Raided An Apartment And Arrested 4 Nepalese Expats Special Taskforce officers raided an apartment in Mishref area and arrested four Nepalese expatriates including two women for turning the apartment into a liquor factory and brothel. According to s... January 04, 2018 1587 Category: Crime News
African Expatriate Was Arrested For Selling Magic Charms An African expatriate was arrested from his house in Khaitan area for duping people by selling them magic charms at a cost of KD 200 each, reports Al-Shahed daily. When securitymen received informatio... December 03, 2017 607 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Citizen And His Female Companion Of Adultery The Court of Cassation overturned the verdict of the Court of Appeals which acquitted a citizen and his female companion of adultery. The higher court ordered for imprisonment of the accused for two y... November 23, 2017 761 Category: Crime News
Mystery Surrounding Two Absconding Cases Solved By Women Fingerprint identification conducted on two Kuwaiti women by security operatives helped in solving mystery surrounding two absconding cases dating back to 2012 and early 2016 respectively, reports Al ... October 27, 2017 740 Category: Crime News
Moroccan Authorities Arrested Four Individuals For Blackmailing A Kuwaiti Citizen Moroccan authorities have concluded investigation on the issue of four individuals, including a girl, arrested for blackmailing a Kuwaiti citizen, reports Al-Anba daily. Lawyer Al-Kandari left the cou... September 21, 2017 467 Category: Crime News
CEO Has Asked The INTERPOL To Issue A Warrant On Fintas Group Fugitives The Criminal Enforcement Office has asked the INTERPOL to issue a warrant for the arrest of the fugitives of the “Fintas Group” and extradite them to Kuwait in order for them to serve thei... August 15, 2017 745 Category: Crime News
Police Arrested Two Kuwaitis For Peddling In Illicit Drugs Criminal Security Men arrested two Kuwaitis for peddling in illicit drugs and seized 200 grams of heroin and Shabu in their possession. A security source said officers from Criminal Security Sector re... June 01, 2017 560 Category: Crime News
CID Have Arrested 5 People For Performing Satanic Rituals The Hawally Investigations Department have arrested five people – two of them young women – for performing satanic rituals inside an apartment in Hawally, reports Al-Shahed daily. The arre... May 22, 2017 1171 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Suspect Of Possessing Unlicensed Weapon And Drugs For Sale The Misdem-eanor Court of First Instance acquitted a suspect in his 30s of possessing an unlicensed weapon and illicit drugs for sale. He was arrested while parking his car in front of the Central Pri... April 04, 2017 638 Category: Crime News
CID Have Arrested Two Chinese Prostitutes Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested two Chinese prostitutes and referred them to the authorities, reports Al-Rai daily. According to security sources the women were ... February 19, 2017 814 Category: Crime News
Harassing Female Employees The State Security police have detained for interrogation an unidentified person for harassing female employees of the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily adde... January 22, 2017 1317 Category: Crime News
Kuwait And Bahrain Issues Arrest Warrant Against MP Abdulhameed Dashti Following the lifting of MP Abdulhameed Dashti’s parliamentary immunity last week, an arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday and a circular was sent to all borders for his arrest over the case f... March 24, 2016 1579 Category: Kuwait
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