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Municipality: 141 Warnings And 8 Violations In Hawalli For Non-compliance With Health Requirements Kuwait Municipality announced the intensification of field tours in major commercial complexes, markets, restaurant centers, cafes, health institutes, barbershops and beauty salons in various governor... July 01, 2021 366 Category: Kuwait
MEW Clears 129 Sites, Issues 584 Warnings  The joint campaign which was organized by the Ministry of Electricity and Water in cooperation with the Kuwait Municipality (KM) and the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resour... December 15, 2020 335 Category: Information
50 Violations And 25 Warnings For Stores That Did Not Comply With Health Requirements Several field tours carried out by the supervisory team in the Violation Removal Department of the Capital Governorate branch resulted in the issuance of 50 violations, including 10 violations for sho... November 08, 2020 330 Category: Information
Despite Of Warnings And Strict Checking Violation Of Curfew Continues The Ministry of Interior stated that on Monday, 22nd June 11 people violated curfew from these 8 were Kuwaiti nationals and 3 were expats. Curfew was violated in Farwaniya 1, Jahra 2, and Ahmadi 8 ... June 23, 2020 3092 Category: Lockdown
KCCI Issues 116 Warnings Against Violating Companies Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) issued 116 precautionary measures against violating companies, the department of anti-money laundering and counter terrorism said in a statement. The ... August 21, 2019 405 Category: Business
Kuwaitis Divided About Warnings Not To Approach Border Areas For Truffles The citizens remain divided about repeated warnings not to approach the border areas to pick up truffles particularly in the northern and southern parts of the country, reports Al-Rai daily. The su... January 27, 2019 535 Category: Kuwait
Be Cautious Driving During Dust The Interior Ministry has issued Saturday severe weather warnings across the country, calling on drivers to take extra precaution due to impaired visibility. Motorists are encouraged to strictly abide... July 22, 2018 459 Category: Weather in Kuwait
KOC Has Issued Warnings To Employees Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has issued warnings to employees who live in company quarters even though they own a private house allocated by Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW). The company ins... March 29, 2018 2717 Category: Kuwait
DAESH groups focused on Kuwait and GCC nations Some Kuwaiti political activists have reacted to a recent security alert issued by the British Foreign Affairs Ministry to her citizens in Kuwait saying security readiness and alert is necessary regar... January 24, 2017 674 Category: Kuwait
CBK To Send Warnings To Customers Who Have Not Submitted Invoices For Loan Amount The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) will send warnings to customers who have not submitted their invoices and bills for clarifying the purpose behind taking personal loans from local banks. According ... December 13, 2016 2366 Category: Kuwait
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