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Kuwait Researchers Complete First Early Warning System For Viral Epidemics Kuwaiti researchers have completed the first integrated and effective early warning system for viral epidemics — Covid 19 in particular — for effective monitoring, prevention and control, ... December 22, 2021 282 Category: Kuwait
Pics Of Huge Bats From Philippines Are Going Viral , Know More About Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox A recent picture shared on Twitter of a “human-sized” bat from the Philippines is taking the internet by storm and netizens are thoroughly spooked out. A Twitter user from the Philippin... June 29, 2020 8459 Category: General
MOI Summons Kuwaiti ‘Joker’ Whose Images Went Viral In Kuwait Over Social Media MOI officials apprehended ‘Joker’ for interrogation whose images went viral in Kuwait over social media. The man dressed-up as a character from movie ‘Joker’ was found roaming ... October 21, 2019 688 Category: Crime News
Ministry Of Interior Refuted News Items That Went Viral On Social Media Concerning Piles Of Sand On Artal Road And Several Open Areas General Department of Public Relations and Media Security in the Ministry of Interior has refuted the news items that went viral on social media recently concerning piles of sand on Artal road and sev... July 09, 2019 437 Category: Kuwait
HEAT-RESISTANT HOUSE GOES VIRAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA While temperatures in Saudi Arabia crosses 50°C , a house in the Kingdom has become the talk of enveloping their house with greenery to keep blazing temperatures down by a few degrees.  Wh... July 01, 2019 1470 Category: International
Distressing Footage Of A Camel Caught In UAE Floods Is Going Viral The unexpected weather over the weekend has definitely encouraged residents to head out and enjoy the rain. While enjoying a drive along the wadis, a resident spotted a camel swimming in the east coas... May 19, 2019 817 Category: International
Arrest Using Pistol Video Goes Viral A video showing a security man restraining a person on the ground and drawing a pistol to frighten him has gone viral on social media. Apparently, two security operatives were chasing a reckless mo... March 06, 2019 301 Category: Crime News
Plastic Eyed Fish Clip Goes Viral The Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is conducting intensive investigation into the video clip that went viral on social media showing a fishmonger replacing the... September 04, 2018 443 Category: Crime News
A Video Clip Has Gone Viral Of A Lebanese Man A video clip has gone viral of a Lebanese man, speaking in a Kuwaiti dialect and identified only as Samir, reports Al-Rai daily. Samir who preferred to keep his family name anonymous, appears in a ... April 17, 2018 514 Category: Crime News
Police Hunt Culprit Police are looking for a youngster who appeared in a video clip that went viral on social media in which he was seen slapping and humiliating a boy inside one of the toilets of a commercial complex an... August 18, 2017 589 Category: Crime News
MOI Has Been Taking Necessary Measures To Trace The Source Of A Video Clip That Went Viral On Social Media Ministry of Interior has been taking necessary measures to trace the source of a video clip that went viral on social media recently in order to ascertain it belongs to the DAESH terrorist organizatio... August 07, 2017 1813 Category: Kuwait
Cyberspace Has Become The Venue For Several Viral Games And Challenges In recent years, cyberspace has become the venue for several viral games and challenges, which promoted humanitarian causes and deeds; however, this world is not always rainbows and sunshine. Blurr... July 28, 2017 509 Category: Crime News
Video Clip Went Viral About A Syrian Who Allegedly Managed To Lift His Travel Ban Through Wasta The Public Relations and Security Media Department at the Interior Ministry has vehemently denied the contents of a video clip, which went viral on various social networking sites recently, about a Sy... July 14, 2017 519 Category: Crime News
Fake Video Clip Went Viral On The Social Media The video clip that went viral on the social media of a Kuwaiti man claiming the windscreen of his car was broken by thieves who he says attacked him on the Restaurants Street is fake, reports Al-Anba... June 02, 2017 519 Category: Crime News
Person Verbally Humiliated A Lady Wearing Niqab In A Video Went Viral The Public Prosecution Department recently decided to detain the person who verbally humiliated a lady wearing ‘niqab’ in a video clip that went viral on social media. The suspect will be ... April 02, 2017 959 Category: Crime News
Video Clip That Went Viral On Social Media About The Removal Of Few Ballot Boxes In response to a question raised by Al-Seyassah newspaper concerning a video clip that went viral on social media about the removal of few ballot boxes from one of the committees in the Fifth Constitu... November 29, 2016 835 Category: Crime News
Details Of New Kuwaiti Passport Went Viral On Social Media Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passport Affairs Major General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah revealed that Kuwait has circulated samples of the new Kuwaiti passports to different countr... November 04, 2016 2102 Category: Kuwait
Authorities Arrest 2 Over Abuse Video That Went Viral Ministry of Interior announced that security forces arrested a bedoon man who appeared in a video circulated over social media networks while assaulting, insulting and humiliating the Egyptian. Acc... May 31, 2016 1193 Category: Crime News
6 Steps To Fight Viral, Bacterial Infections As the seasonal shift takes place in the UAE and the heat is replaced by cooler weather, a number of residents have been struck by viral infections, crowding clinics with reports of cough, fever and s... November 18, 2015 3861 Category: Health
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