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‘Interior’ Chalks Out Plan To Confront Violence, Recommends Use Of Mounted Police The Ministry of Interior sectors participated in a study on the phenomenon of fights and violence in society, in a meeting chaired by the Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Education and Training Aff... November 25, 2021 156 Category: Kuwait
Event Focuses On Phenomenon Of Domestic Violence, Solutions The Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies organized a symposium on Wednesday under the title ‘The Phenomenon of Domestic Violence, the Problem and Solutions’, with the participat... November 25, 2021 118 Category: Kuwait
Rights Diwan Holds Seminar ‘against Domestic Violence’ The National Diwan for Human Rights, represented by the Family Rights Committee, organized on Monday a seminar themed “renouncing domestic violence” with participation of officials represe... November 22, 2021 133 Category: Kuwait
Violence Against Women Violates Islamic Teachings Assistant Minister for Human Rights Affairs at Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Talal Al-Mutairi, said on Monday that violence against women violates moral principles and infringes upon tea... November 15, 2021 150 Category: Kuwait
‘Violence, Fights See Rise’ The Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Ministry of Interior said due to the spread of violence and quarrels, especially among young people, which has become more like a phenomenon, ... October 31, 2021 216 Category: Crime News
Abdulaziz Al-Saqabi Submits A Proposal For A Law To Criminalize Harassment Deputy d. Abdulaziz Al-Saqabi, proposing a law to criminalize harassment, whether verbally or by deed, stressing that harassment and violence are a societal scourge that is not related to gender or cl... February 10, 2021 475 Category: Kuwait
16-days Of Activism Against Domestic Violence Ends On Human Rights Day December 10 marks the end of the 16-days of activism against gender based violence, a yearly-global movement led by UN Women and carried out by Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and activists ac... December 10, 2020 303 Category: Automotive
Situation In Region Red Hot – Iran To Respond Within 15 Days Former deputy chief of the military operations and plans, retired Major-General Khaled Al-Rudaini said the situation in the region is red-hot and expects the Iranian regime to respond within 15 days t... January 07, 2020 432 Category: General
Elimination Of Violence And Harassment By Public And Private Employers To Be Effective In June 2020 Kuwait, during the last International Labor Conference, has ratified the Convention on the Elimination of Violence and Harassment by Public and Private Employers, and will come into effect in June 202... July 28, 2019 345 Category: Kuwait
Spread Of Violence Among Children, Bullying In Schools Raises Concern The phenomenon of the spread of violence among children is one of the most negative phenomena experienced by our Arab societies and even the world as a result of many cumulative factors that have affe... April 30, 2019 259 Category: Crime News
1,000 Cases Of Violence Against Children Recorded In 5 Years The head of the Child Protection Office at the Ministry of Health, Dr Muna Al-Khawari said she has submitted a memorandum to the concerned authorities to amend some articles of the Children’s Ri... April 29, 2019 198 Category: Kuwait
Stop Violence In Schools - MOE Rapporteur of the Educational Affairs Committee MP Mohammed Al-Huwaila called on the minister of education to stop violence in schools. He said the situation calls for all concerned management bodies ... March 24, 2019 426 Category: Kuwait
Soroptimist Kuwait Dons Orange In Bid To End Violence Against Women Every year, from 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to 10th December, Human Rights Day, sixteen days of activism against gender-based violence serve to... December 12, 2018 490 Category: Kuwait
Crime Rate,violence High During First Half Of 2018 Records show the phenomenon of violence in the Kuwaiti society has been on the rise during the first half of 2018 for which the state has yet to find a solution, reports Al-Rai daily. Giving the de... November 26, 2018 326 Category: Crime News
Over Half Subjected To Violence – Corruption Seen As Main Issue A study conducted by Dr Fatima Al-Salem at the Faculty of Social Sciences on the prevalence of violence against women in Kuwait revealed that more than half of the Kuwaiti society (men and women) is s... October 14, 2018 494 Category: Kuwait
Violence Among Students Increasing In Schools Professor of Educational Planning at College of Education in Kuwait University Sultan Al-Daihani says Ministry of Education is required to re-engineer the administration and technical operations in th... June 12, 2018 415 Category: Crime News
US Hits Kuwait State Of Women The US State Department in its report says that discrimination against Kuwaiti women is quite evident, in spite of the fact that they are given their political rights including the right to contest el... April 23, 2018 1384 Category: Kuwait
Asifa's Rape And Killing Case Udhampur, Indian-administered Kashmir - The time was ripe to kill the girl, Sanji Ram told his juvenile nephew on a cold January evening, according to a police report. The ritual had been performed... April 16, 2018 2724 Category: India
Students Affected By Physical Violence  A number of schools continue to witness incidents involving violence, despite the decisions taken by Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Hamid Al-Azmi to confront violence in schools b... March 26, 2018 579 Category: Crime News
Alarm Bells Are Ringing To Warn About The Phenomenon Of Violence Among Students Alarm bells are ringing to warn about the phenomenon of violence among students that has crept into schools, and can lead to undesirable consequences if Ministry of Education does not take proper meas... March 15, 2018 683 Category: Crime News
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