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Gulf Singers Quarantine Violation Probed The Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Ministry of Interior announced the formation of an immediate investigation committee regarding the entry and exit of a Gulf singer without adh... January 11, 2022 181 Category: Crime News
200 Violations Recorded On Application Of The Health Requirements The field teams led by officials from the Kuwait Municipality and the Public Authority for Manpower and Public security sector carried out extensive inspection campaigns on commercial complexes, shopp... January 10, 2022 256 Category: Kuwait
Purchase Of New Vehicles Eyed To Monitor “no Parking” Violations The General Traffic Department intends to purchase vehicles designated to monitor vehicles that commit “no parking” violations, reports Al- Rai daily. According to security sources, the de... December 02, 2021 268 Category: Crime News
Farwaniya Municipality Issued 8 Violations And Issued 16 Warnings In Khaitan And Al-Raqi The Department of Audit and Follow-up of Municipal Services in the Farwaniya Municipality branch carried out field campaigns in the areas of (Khaitan and Al-Raqi), which resulted in issuing 8 violatio... November 29, 2021 156 Category: Crime News
Finance, Admin Violations Reported At ‘tourism Firm’ The series of frauds being committed against the people of Kuwait continues. The latest is evident from the reports of supervisory authorities which confirm the existence of serious financial and admi... November 22, 2021 229 Category: Kuwait
GTD Collects KD380m In Six Years Violations The Ministry of Finance recently released official data showing that the total amount of fines for various traffic violations in the last six years reached KD380.39 million, reports Al-Anba daily. The... November 20, 2021 215 Category: Crime News
Report On MEW Violations Out The State Audit Bureau (SAB) released its latest report on the violations and shortcomings found in the technical, financial and administrative sectors in the Ministry of Electricity and Water, report... November 07, 2021 110 Category: Crime News
Vaccine Violations Alleged – ‘Paid Too Much’ MP Saadoun Hammad has disclosed that major financial violations were found in the contracts signed by the Ministry of Health for importing vaccines against coronavirus. Hammad said he has a copy of th... October 21, 2021 380 Category: Kuwait
24 Imprisoned For Violating Traffic Laws The Traffic Court has issued several verdicts against reckless motorists and violators of traffic laws during the past three months from July until the end of September The Al-Qabas daily said the ... October 14, 2021 292 Category: Crime News
Farwaniya Municipality Issued 11 Violations Field tours of the supervisory team at the Audit and Follow-up Department of Municipal Services in Farwaniya Governorate resulted in issuing 11 violations of the municipality’s rules and regulat... October 11, 2021 229 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Electricity And Water: 180 Violations Issued In 3 Governorates Within A Month The head of the judicial police team at the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Adnan Dashti, revealed that the team has issued 180 cases of proof of violations that varied between delivering electrici... September 14, 2021 304 Category: Kuwait
Health Committee Issued 13 Violations And 16 Warnings For Non-compliance With Health Requirements In Al-Ahmadi Supervisory team of the Health Committee carried out in the Ahmadi field trips intensive on 3 and 4 being on commercial complexes and markets parallel and retail areas Oqaila and Fintas, Abu ally, and... September 12, 2021 229 Category: Crime News
13 Daily Violations Of The Ban On Employment Under The Sun With the end of work, yesterday, with the decision to ban the employment of workers in open areas during the noon hours from eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon, the Kuwait Society for H... September 01, 2021 60 Category: Kuwait
The General Directorate Of Traffic: 29 Thousand Violations Were Issued And 21 Reckless People Were Arrested The Traffic and Operations Sector implemented traffic security campaigns to pursue negligent people and perpetrators of serious violations, which endanger the lives of road users, which resulted in is... August 30, 2021 244 Category: Kuwait
8 Violations Registered At Commercial Complexes For Non-compliance With Health Requirements The Public Relations Department of the Kuwait Municipality revealed the a field tour on commercial complexes, shopping centers and retail stores resulted in issuing 8 violations and 19 warnings for no... July 26, 2021 266 Category: Crime News
1,090 Violations For Outdoor Working During Noon Time 1,090 violations were reported against the ban on outdoor working in noon time within 45 days. According to  Public Authority for Manpower PAM, from June 1 to July 15, inspection teams carried... July 25, 2021 214 Category: Kuwait
Saudi Arabia Exposes Violations In Hajj Meals Saudi authorities have said they exposed violations in pre-made meals served to pilgrims during the ongoing Hajj pilgrimage. The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said the meals did not meet the con... July 22, 2021 354 Category: Saudi Arabia
29,000 Traffic Violations And 27 Reckless Driving Arrests Traffic security campaigns to prosecute negligent people and perpetrators of serious violations last week resulted in issuing 29,615 traffic violations, impounding 128 vehicles and 4 motorcycles, refe... July 18, 2021 314 Category: Kuwait
Manpower: Violations Of Hiring Workers At Noon Increased To 972 In 38 Days The Public Authority for Manpower announced that the number of noon violations increased to 972 violations in 38 days, during the period from June 1 to July 8. The authority stated in the statistic... July 11, 2021 174 Category: Kuwait
Municipality: 141 Warnings And 8 Violations In Hawalli For Non-compliance With Health Requirements Kuwait Municipality announced the intensification of field tours in major commercial complexes, markets, restaurant centers, cafes, health institutes, barbershops and beauty salons in various governor... July 01, 2021 313 Category: Kuwait
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