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Education Ministry Halts Private School Fees Hike Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Hamid Al-Azmi officially issued a decision with regards to private school fees for the year 2018/2019. The decision included a halt on fee increa... February 21, 2018 399 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait, Sweden Draft Measure Demanding 30-day Syria Truce - Syria Downs Israeli Jet The UN Security Council is considering a draft resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire in Syria to allow for urgent deliveries of humanitarian aid, according to the text seen by AFP on Friday. Swed... February 11, 2018 707 Category: Kuwait
Person Claimed That His Driver Offered Bribe For The Release Of His Vehicle Seized By Traffic Officers A video clip went viral on social media in which a person claimed that his driver offered bribe to an office boy in a seized-vehicle garage for the release of his vehicle which was seized by traffic o... February 09, 2018 989 Category: Crime News
450 Expats Leave Without Fine And Thousands To Avail Of Amnesty Due to the amnesty period that came into effect two days ago, thousands of expatriates who are in violation of the residency law have been thronging the embassies of their countries for receiving a te... February 01, 2018 2043 Category: Kuwait
15,447 Sri Lankans In Violation Of The Residency Law In Kuwait There are about 15,447 Sri Lankans in violation of the residency law in Kuwait, as per a press statement issued by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Kuwait. Recently, Ministry of Interior declared an amnesty ... January 28, 2018 1672 Category: Kuwait
Duterte Is Serious In Considering A Total Deployment Ban Of Workers To Kuwait Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III said President Rodrigo Duterte is serious in considering a total deployment ban of workers to Kuwait, reports Al-Anb... January 28, 2018 3168 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Municipality Inspector Seals A Restaurant The Public Hygiene and Road Works Department at the Kuwait Municipality branch in Jahra, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Sports, carried out an extensive inspection campaign in the stable... January 26, 2018 1000 Category: Crime News
Restaurant In Hawalli Included Pork In Its Menu A team of inspectors from the Department of Monitoring, Inspection and Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has discovered a restaurant in Hawalli that included pork in its men... January 26, 2018 1040 Category: Crime News
KSHR Contracted With Attorneys To Attend Legal Proceedings In Labor Court Khalid Al-Ajmi, Chairman of the board of Kuwait Society for Human Rights, said that the Kuwait Society for Human Rights (KSHR) has contracted with attorneys to attend legal proceedings in labor courts... January 14, 2018 768 Category: Kuwait
Father Gets Custody Of Kids The Family Circuit of the Court of Appeals revoked the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which granted a Kuwaiti woman in her 50s the custody of her children including her disabled son, an... January 10, 2018 542 Category: Crime News
Remove Cabins, Warns Official - Cafes, Restaurants Raided Deputy Director General of Municipality Sector in Farwaniya and Jahra Governorates Eng Fahad Al-Shutaili called upon owners of cafes and restaurants to immediately remove all types of cabins and enclo... December 25, 2017 971 Category: Kuwait
MP Nasser Al-Dousari Said The Law To Establish Al-Durra Company For Recruitment Of Domestic Labor Was Submitted MP Nasser Al-Dousari said the law to establish Al- Durra Company for Recruitment of Domestic Labor was submitted by the former MP Kamel Al-Awadhi, revealing that the charges for recruiting a domestic ... December 25, 2017 1315 Category: Kuwait
MP Safa Al-Hashem Has Submitted A Bill Demanding The Abolition Of The Ministerial Decree MP Safa’a Al-Hashem said she has submitted a bill demanding the abolition of the ministerial decree which established the Al-Dora Company for recruitment and employment of domestic workers citin... December 25, 2017 922 Category: Kuwait
Two Ethiopian Women Were Arrested For Violating The Residency Law For 5 Yrs Two Ethiopian women were arrested for violating the residency law for five years and working in one of the women’s salons, which is in violation of the labor law. According to security sources, ... December 13, 2017 482 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Military Officer And His Friend Who Accused Of Possessing Methamphetamine The Criminal Court acquitted a Kuwaiti military officer and his friend who were accused of possessing methamphetamine for personal use and driving under the infl uence of drugs. According to the case ... December 11, 2017 441 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Keen On Combating Human Trafficking, Smuggling Immigrants Kuwait voiced deep keenness on Thursday to protect humans from trafficking and smuggling as a form of contemporary slavery and a blatant violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed b... December 07, 2017 535 Category: Kuwait
Asian Expat Was Arrested For Violating The Residency Law And Possessing Liquor An Asian expatriate was arrested for violating the residency law and possessing two bottles of locally manufactured liquor. According to security sources, Ahmadi securitymen were patrolling Mahboula a... December 07, 2017 568 Category: Crime News
Statistics Shows Total Of 790 Complaints Against Military Officers Received According to an official statistics, Monitoring and Inspection Department received a total of 790 complaints against military officers and securitymen this year. These complaints varied from violation... November 29, 2017 706 Category: Kuwait
20 Violation Citations Against Hawking Noted In Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh The Department of Public Hygiene and Road Works at Farwaniya Municipal Branch embarked on inspection tour of Jleeb al-Shuyoukh, which resulted in the issuance of 20 violation citations against hawking... November 10, 2017 851 Category: Crime News
Is Food Allowance To Be Included In Indemnity My salary is KD 550 and food allowance is KD 45. In my work permit KD 45 is not mentioned and company contract paper also nothing mentioned about food allowance. But in my salary account we are gettin... November 10, 2017 1094 Category: Indemnity
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