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Kuwaiti Twitter User Faces 26 Years In Jail A Kuwaiti social media user has been sentenced to an additional 10 years in prison in a new libel case. The Criminal Court convicted Abdulla Al Saleh in absentia for defaming Saudi Arabia, Bahrain ... January 26, 2018 1320 Category: Crime News
36 Stormers Yet To Surrender As Date To Challenge Verdict Nears With the 60-day deadline of Sunday, Jan 28, 2018, is fast approaching to challenge the verdict of the Court of Appeals in the case of ‘Storming the National Assembly’ 36 people have yet to... January 22, 2018 664 Category: Crime News
Father Gets Custody Of Kids The Family Circuit of the Court of Appeals revoked the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which granted a Kuwaiti woman in her 50s the custody of her children including her disabled son, an... January 10, 2018 542 Category: Crime News
Court Has Rejected The Appeal Filed By The MOSAL Against The Lower Court’s Verdict The Appeals Circuit in the Administrative Court has rejected the appeal filed by the Ministry of Social Affairs against the lower court’s verdict to reinstate the chairperson and members of the ... January 08, 2018 713 Category: Crime News
Court Order Compels Cabinet To Ban Water Gun Celebrations The administrative court recently issued a verdict by powers of which the Cabinet is to issue a decision banning the usage of water guns in National and Liberation Days’ celebrations, local dail... December 27, 2017 859 Category: Kuwait
MP QUERIES SOME ARAB EXPAT HIRES AGAINST DECREE Speaker of the National Assembly Marzouk Al- Ghanim has confirmed that the National Assembly will convene Tuesday and hold elections to form the temporary committees. He disclosed the MPs have submitt... December 19, 2017 730 Category: Kuwait
Cassation Court Upheld The Verdict Who Was Accused Of Posting Remarks On Twitter The Court of Cassation upheld the verdict issued by the Court of Appeals which acquitted a blogger, Nasser Al-Sumait, who was accused of posting remarks on Twitter which can be deemed as offensive to ... December 19, 2017 413 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered Foreign Airline To Pay Kuwaiti Female Passenger In Compensation For Sitting On A Broken Chair In an unprecedented judicial verdict, the Court of Cassation ordered a foreign airline to pay a Kuwaiti female passenger the value of 271.825 grams of pure gold in Kuwaiti dinars, which should not be ... December 13, 2017 957 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced An Expat Man To 3 Yrs In Prison For Allegedly Defrauding A Kuwaiti Woman The Court of Appeals has set aside the verdict of the Court of First Instance that sentenced an expatriate man to three years in prison with hard labor for allegedly defrauding a Kuwaiti woman by usin... December 11, 2017 561 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced MP To 7 Yr Imprisonment For Allegedly Tricking Woman To Having Sex With Him Court sentenced MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaie to seven-year imprisonment with hard labor for allegedly tricking a woman into having sex with him. The court dismissed civil aspect of the petition. The pres... December 05, 2017 1896 Category: Crime News
Verdict Upheld As Kuwaiti Gets Death For Killing His Saudi Friend The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by a lower court which sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to death for killing his Saudi friend. According to the case file, the victim’s corpse was disco... November 30, 2017 803 Category: Crime News
Current, Ex-MPs Jailed For Storming Kuwaiti Parliament In 2011 A group of incumbent and former members of parliament as well as citizens were today handed down heavy prison sentences for storming Kuwait's National Assembly in 2011. The Court of Appeal over... November 27, 2017 791 Category: Kuwait
Court Has Acquitted TV Anchor Of Broadcasting And Spreading Fake News The Court of Cassation has acquitted television presenter Ayesha Al-Rashid of broadcasting and spreading fake news, charges which she denied vehemently. Previously, the Criminal Court sentenced Al-Ras... November 20, 2017 694 Category: Crime News
Case Against Expat Rejected The Court of Appeals chaired by Judge Dherar Al- Waqyan upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance and dismissed lawsuit a Kuwaiti businesswoman filed against a Canadian investor to appoint a j... November 16, 2017 573 Category: Crime News
Implementation Of Family Fund Law Will Start On Nov 1, 2017 The Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs and Minister of Justice Dr Falah Al-Azab said that the implementation of the Family Fund Law will start on Nov 1, 2017, reports Al-Anba daily. Th... October 15, 2017 789 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Gvnt Has Deported 31,000 Expats Related To Health Issues In 2016, the government of Kuwait has deported 31,000 expatriates, which roughly works out to 85 people per day or one person every fifteen minutes and compared to four cases every hour the previous y... October 05, 2017 1325 Category: Kuwait
Court Instructed MOI To Issue Citizenship Certificate To A Kuwaiti Woman The Administrative Section in the Court of Appeals instructed the Ministry of Interior to issue citizenship certificate to a Kuwaiti woman and cancelled the ministry’s decision on the non-issuan... September 05, 2017 401 Category: Crime News
Nationality Of 20 Persons Not Reinstated - Ruling Overturned The Court of Appeals has overturned the verdict issued by the Administrative Court which obligated Ministry of Interior to return Kuwaiti citizenship to 20 members of a family who were accused of obta... August 28, 2017 629 Category: Crime News
Baba Convicted In Rape Case, 30 Killed,250 Injured,500 Detained In India In what can be described as a maniac riot, 30 people were killed and over 250 were injured following Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was convicted in a 15-year old rape case and taken i... August 26, 2017 1685 Category: International
Court Of Appeals Issued The Custody Of Children To Father The Court of Appeals overturned the verdict issued by the Family Court which awarded a mother the custody of her children and obliged the father to provide for the welfare of the children. The appella... August 24, 2017 465 Category: Crime News
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