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Kuwait Is Heading Towards The Unknown - Bader Al- Humaidhi Former minister of Finance Bader Al- Humaidhi says Kuwait is heading towards the unknown in light of the continuation of the current deficit in the state budget and lack of any real reform program for... January 19, 2020 1061 Category: Kuwait
Unknown Person Assaulting A Female US Diplomat The Ahmadi Research and Investigation Department of the Criminal Investigations Department is looking for an unknown person for assaulting a female US diplomat in the vicinity of a jogging track in Ma... January 24, 2019 352 Category: Crime News
Unknown Biker Stole Mobile Of A Pakistani Expat An unknown biker stole the mobile phone of a Pakistani expatriate in Khaitan area, reports Al-Anba daily. According to security sources, the victim lodged a complaint at Khaitan Police Station, explai... November 16, 2018 398 Category: Crime News
Customs Officer Urges Passengers Not To Accept Bags From Unknown People Director of Air Customs Department at the General Administration of Customs, Walid Al-Nasser, has called on passengers to check their baggage only, not to accept bags from unknown people saying the pa... July 06, 2018 691 Category: Kuwait
Sri Lankan Expat Filed A Complaint Against An Unknown Individual For Robbing Him An unknown individual waylaid a Sri Lankan expatriate, beat him and robbed him of his mobile in Farwaniya area. According to security sources, the victim went to Farwaniya Police Station and explained... August 17, 2017 497 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Filed A Complaint Against An Unknown Individual For Causing Damages To Her Car An unknown individual caused damages to a Kuwaiti woman’s luxury vehicle, which costs more than KD 10,000, in Rumaithiya area. According to security sources, the victim explained to securitymen ... June 20, 2017 625 Category: Crime News
Unknown Individual Stole KD 1200 From The Flat Of A Syrian Expat An unknown individual stole KD 1,200 from the fl at of a Syrian expatriate when the latter was out with his family. According to security sources, the victim was shocked when he and his family returne... May 23, 2017 434 Category: Crime News
Indian Expat Filed A Case Against Unknown Individuals Who Robbed KD 300 From His House An Indian expatriate filed a case against unknown individuals who impersonated securitymen, barged into his apartment in Khaitan area, tied him up, robbed him of KD 300 and ran away. According to secu... May 15, 2017 501 Category: Crime News
Unknown Woman Died In Traffic Accident An unknown woman died and her passenger, who is a military employee of the Ministry of Interior, sustained injuries when her vehicle collided with a tow truck on Sabhan Road. The tow truck had toppled... May 07, 2017 786 Category: Crime News
Unknown Burglars Escaped With Money And Stamps After Machine Robbery Unknown burglars escaped with money and stamps after breaking and stealing two stamps and traffic violations machines from Jahra Traffic department on the early morning, they also stole another items ... April 23, 2017 745 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Filed A Complaint Against An Unknown Person For Stealing Her Son Bike An unknown person stole a motorbike from the garden of a house in Oyoun.  A Kuwaiti woman informed the Operations Unit of the Interior Ministry that the suspect stole the motorbike which belongs ... April 23, 2017 2038 Category: Crime News
Nepali Expat Robbed By 3 Unknown Individuals Three unknown individuals waylaid a Nepali expatriate in Hawally area and robbed him of his wallet, which contained KD 80. According to security sources, the victim was walking near an ... April 23, 2017 1110 Category: Crime News
Police Are Looking For An Unknown Person For Stealing A Power Generator Police are looking for an unknown person for stealing a power generator belonging to a telecommunications company. The complaint has been filed by the company lawyer. In his complaint he said the thef... April 21, 2017 680 Category: Crime News
Citizen Filed A Compalint Against An Unknown Individual Who Broke The Window Of His Vehicle A Kuwaiti citizen informed the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior that an unknown individual broke the window of his vehicle which was parked in front of a café in Ardiya area. Necessary a... April 05, 2017 582 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Lodged A Complaint Against An Unknown Man For Molesting Son After Kidnapping Kuwaiti citizen lodged a complaint against an unknown man, accusing him of molesting his 15-year old son after kidnapping him and taking him to an open lot. According to security sources, the father t... March 30, 2017 590 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Lodged A Complaint Against An Unknown Man Who Made Indecent Hand Gestures Towards Her A Kuwaiti woman lodged a complaint at Maidan Hawally Police Station against an unknown man who made indecent hand gestures towards her while she was in Shaab Marine area. According to the police re... March 30, 2017 904 Category: Crime News
Filipina Woman Filed A Case Against An Unknown Man For Trying To Kidnap Her Filipina woman filed a case at Salmiya Police Station against an unknown man, who tried to kidnap her by pushing her into his vehicle but she managed to escape. Investigations have been launched to fi... March 24, 2017 556 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Woman Filed A Case Against An Unknown Individual For Abusing Her A Kuwaiti woman filed a case against an unknown individual who abused her and gestured offensively at her on Fahaheel Road. According to security sources, the woman went to Riqqa Police Station and in... March 24, 2017 570 Category: Crime News
Citizen Lodged A Complaint Against An Unknown Person Who Broke The Glass Of His Vehicle A citizen lodged a complaint against an unknown person who broke the glass of his vehicle while it was parked at the seaside near Shaab area and stole KD 200. He narrated to security operatives t... March 08, 2017 1034 Category: Crime News
Unknown Individual Stabbed An Asian Expat And Stolen His IPhone An unknown individual barged into the room of an Asian expatriate in Naeem area, stabbed him in his left hand with a knife and stole his iPhone. According to security sources, the victim filed a ca... March 02, 2017 764 Category: Crime News
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