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Kuwaiti Nurse Beaten By Unidentified Visitor An unidentified visitor to the Al-Daiya clinic insulted and beat a Kuwaiti nurse and escaped, reports Al-Rai daily. The nurse, according to a security source has filed a complaint with the area police... February 20, 2020 524 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Couples Fight Over Kids An unidentified Kuwaiti and his Lebanese wife have filed a complaint with the Qashaniyah Police Station accusing a Kuwaiti couple and their relative of assaulting them and their three children, report... February 05, 2020 294 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti And His Egyptian Girlfriend arrested for consuming alcohol Police have arrested an unidentified Kuwaiti man who was wanted by law and had been sentenced in absentia for entering a house with the intention of committing a crime and the young woman, believed to... November 15, 2019 694 Category: Crime News
6 Bangladeshis Robbed By 3 Unidentified Men Police are looking for three unidentified men wearing dishdasha for robbing six Bangladeshis, reports Al-Anba daily. In their complaint to the Naeem Police Station the victims said the suspects ent... November 11, 2019 332 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Kuwaiti Motorist Insults Traffic Police For Issuing Citation A corporal working for the General Traffic Department (GTD) has filed a complaint with the police accusing an unidentified Kuwaiti motorist of insulting him for issuing a citation, reports Al-Rai dail... October 29, 2019 462 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Police Officer Arrested For Robbing KD 23,000 From An Indian Contractor Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested an unidentified police officer who used his position and the service pistol to break into the apartment of an Indian contractor and ... October 22, 2019 568 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Ethiopian Woman Molested In Jahra An unidentified Ethiopian woman has filed a complaint with the police accusing a compatriot of breaking into her home in Jahra and molesting her, reports Al-Rai daily. The victim said she was alone... October 06, 2019 442 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Female Lawyer Is Accused Of Trafficking In Humans The Labor Relations Department of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has recently received hundreds of complaints of disputes concerning visa traders and breach of contracts, while the last week ... September 20, 2019 337 Category: Crime News
Cops Are Looking For An Unidentified Young Man For Beating Indian Driver Police are looking for an unidentified young man who escaped after assaulting the Indian driver of a Kuwaiti family near a girls’ high school in Hawalli, reports Al-Rai daily. According to th... September 12, 2019 278 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Kuwaiti Thief Arrested An unidentified Kuwaiti, who is in his 30s, has been arrested and referred to the Criminal Investigations Department for interrogation on the background of thefts committed in the Ahmadi Governorate i... September 04, 2019 237 Category: Crime News
Cemetery Workers Robbed From Unidentified Thief Police are looking for an unidentified thief who sneaked into Asian workers’ room inside the Sulaibikhat cemetery, stole their money which they had got as gift from people during Eid holidays an... August 19, 2019 571 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Egyptian Woman Beaten And Robbed By Her Husband An unidentified Egyptian woman has filed a complaint with the Hawalli police accusing her husband of beating her and stealing her two gold rings and 400 dinars, reports Al-Rai daily. The woman has ... August 09, 2019 346 Category: Crime News
Woman Complains Of Sexual Harassment By Unidentified Person Police are looking for an unidentified person for harassing a Kuwaiti woman through SMS in spite of her warning him to stop meddling with her, reports Al-Rai daily.  In her complaint she told ... August 04, 2019 368 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Kuwaiti Couple Cheats A Compatriot To The Tune Of 165,000 KD Police are looking for an unidentified Kuwaiti and his wife for cheating a compatriot to the tune of 165 thousand dinars – the value of a house they allegedly put for sale in Sabah Al-Ahmad, rep... July 31, 2019 272 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Person Arrested For Inciting A Woman To Commit Sex Police have arrested an unidentified person for inciting a woman to commit immoral acts, reports Al-Rai daily. This happened when the woman was driving along the Arabian Gulf Street and the suspect ke... July 24, 2019 596 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Woman Filed A Complaint Accusing An Unidentified Masked Man For Threatening To Harm Her Minor Daughter In a strange incident, an Egyptian woman, born in 1989, has filed a complaint with the Farwaniya police accusing an unidentified masked man of breaking into her apartment and threatening to harm her m... July 19, 2019 216 Category: Crime News
Unidentified American Woman Arrested With Drugs At KIA Customs officers at the Kuwait International Airport have arrested an unidentified American woman who was in transit at the airport for possessing a quantity of hashish and narcotic pills, reports Al-... June 30, 2019 362 Category: Crime News
Indian Found Hanging By Rope The corpse of an unidentified Indian hanging from the roof of a prefabricated house with one end of the rope around his neck have been referred to the Criminal Evidences Department for an autopsy, rep... May 28, 2019 505 Category: Crime News
Police Looking For An Unidentified Hacker Who Are Stealing Money From Account Police are looking for an unidentified hacker who allegedly penetrated into the bank account of an unidentified Syrian and withdrew money in five intervals, reports Al-Rai daily.   The vict... May 28, 2019 267 Category: Crime News
Unidentified European Beggar Arrested For Begging In Posh Malls In a strange incident, the security authorities have taken into custody an unidentified European beggar who allegedly entered the country a few days ago on a visit visa, reports Al-Rai daily. The d... May 19, 2019 375 Category: Crime News
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