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Not Vaccinated Barred From Travelling Abroad Exemptions for travel abroad for those who have not taken the vaccine against Covid-19 have been cancelled starting from Wednesday, Sept 1, 2021, except in two cases. Informed sources told Al-Anba ... August 29, 2021 1659 Category: Travel
Council Of Ministers Determines Categories That Are Exempt From Vaccination Requirement For Travel The Council of Ministers, in its extraordinary meeting held on Wednesday, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, identified the categories that are exempt from the vaccinati... August 05, 2021 2057 Category: Kuwait
Court Denies Request To Annul Move Barring Unvaccinated Kuwaitis From Travelling On Tuesday, Kuwait’s administrative court rejected the request to revoke the decision that stated non-vaccinated Kuwaitis can to leave Kuwait. The decision comes as a request was filed after ... June 30, 2021 557 Category: Kuwait
People In Kuwait Prefer Traveling To Nearby Countries For ‘Eid Holidays’ A member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Travel and Tourism Agencies and the Chairman of the union’s Media Committee Hussein Al-Sulaiteen revealed that the destinations that people des... May 09, 2021 890 Category: Kuwait
Jazeera Airways Launches ‘Duo Seat’ To Reserve The Middle Seat To Remain Empty When Travelling Jazeera Airways has launched ‘Duo Seat’ that enables passengers to book the middle seat next to them in addition to their seat when travelling, giving passengers more comfort and security ... August 30, 2020 3779 Category: Travel
Kuwaitis Spent $16.5 Billion On Travelling In 1 Year The amounts of money spent by Kuwaiti nationals on travelling soared by over 10 per cent in one year, according to figures released by the Central Bank of Kuwait.  Kuwaitis travelling abroad s... January 02, 2020 304 Category: Kuwait
Expatriates Will Not Be Prevented From Travelling If Data In Passport Mismatch With The System Security sources put an end to the confusion that prevailed among the expatriates whose passport data are different with the information in the system at airports. The sources explained that a travele... August 21, 2017 1941 Category: Information
Travelling On Temporary Visa My company stamped temporary visa (Article 14) since they have some problems in their files and it is valid till Aug 8th, 2017. My family is having valid visa till September. My question is can they t... August 05, 2017 1043 Category: Legal
Declare Amount Over KD 3000 While Travelling Director General Jamal Al-Jalawi urged all travelers, who are carrying any amount over KD 3000 to declare the amount according to the law 106/2014 either upon arrival and departure. He said Kuwait has... July 23, 2017 685 Category: Kuwait
Immigration Officials At Nepals Airport Involved In Trafficking Poor Women Illegally In Gulf Nations Immigration officials at Nepal’s international airport may be colluding with traffickers to send thousands of poor illiterate women to work illegally in Gulf nations where they are exploited and... April 02, 2017 883 Category: Crime News
Two Egyptians Died And Two Others Were Injured In Road Accident Two Egyptians died and two others were seriously injured and referred to the ICU of Jahra hospital following a road traffic accident that took place in the north part of the country, reports Al-Rai da... March 09, 2017 770 Category: Crime News
A Woman From Kuwait Helped A Homeless Man Eating Coconut Shells On A Street Of Mumbai Kuwait More than one million people in our country are homeless and live on railway platforms, roadsides, and under the flyovers. The moment our vehicle halts at the Red light, we see a lot of people begging... March 07, 2017 3797 Category: Kuwait
Court Cancelled The Decision To Ban A Citizen From Traveling The Grievance Circuit at the First Instance Court, headed by Judge Abdulaziz Al-Ghaith, cancelled the decision to ban a citizen from traveling for alleged failure to pay his debt. Attorney Muhammad Al... November 29, 2016 852 Category: Crime News
Citizen Shocked When He Banned From Travelling Over KD 2.5 A Kuwaiti citizen was shocked when he discovered that he was banned from traveling and all his cars were booked. He panicked, thinking that he must have committed a grave crime or must be involved in ... September 04, 2016 13043 Category: Kuwait
21 People Arrested For Travelling On Others Passports A total of 190,660 Kuwaitis traveled out of the country and the arrivals reached 200,194, whereas from the GCC countries there were 31,646 arrivals and 33,924 departures, and for other nationalities, ... February 17, 2016 1325 Category: Kuwait
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