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10 Vacant Supervisory Positions In The Transport And Water Maintenance Sectors - Electricity The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy has announced a number of vacant supervisory titles for the position of director, observer, and section head in the water operation and maintena... October 11, 2021 459 Category: Kuwait
Traffic Affairs Department Registers 27,923 Various Violations Due to a security traffic campaign organized by the Traffic Affairs and Operations Sector, 27,923 various violations were recorded, and 31 minors were referred to the Juvenile Police Department of the... October 30, 2020 359 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait's Migrant Workers Suffer Without Food, Money And Transport In Lockdown A viral video doing the rounds shows an Indian man repeatedly asking “Wayn nom?” (Where do I sleep?). “Room maafi, hamam maafi, akal maafi, wayn nom?” (No room, no bathroom, no... May 23, 2020 2130 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Reiterates Offer To Transport Undocumented Indian Workers For Free After the end of the amnesty period for residency violators, Kuwait has again reiterated that it was willing to evacuate all Indian undocumented workers “free of cost”. If foreign undoc... May 03, 2020 1151 Category: Kuwait
Female Nurse Made To Work In Night – Transport Not Provided I have a question regarding employees right on termination. Firstly I was hired from a foreign country, and been in the company for four years now, which entitles me from my right to be released by th... July 19, 2019 4735 Category: Legal
Bid To Activate Privatization Program To Re-launch The Projects The Supreme Council for Privatization is preparing a file to activate the privatization program to re-launch the projects, including logistics areas, supporting areas for land ports, transport, transi... May 20, 2019 257 Category: Business
13 Transport Projects Will Be Awarded Soon Kuwait’s General Authority for Roads and Land Transport announced on Friday that 13 transport projects would be awarded soon ahead of final signature. Director General of the Authority, Eng Ahma... October 28, 2018 318 Category: Business
Parliament Approves Budget Panel’s Report On Roads And Land Transport The Parliament, in its regular session Wednesday, approved the report of the Budgets and Final Accounts Committee on the draft laws adopting the final account of the Public Authority for Roads and Lan... May 17, 2018 675 Category: Kuwait
Duo Injured 2 people were injured in a two-vehicle collision on the Seventh Ring Road, reports Al-Anba daily. The injury happened when their vehicle was involved in a collision with a trailer truck transportin... January 15, 2018 801 Category: Crime News
Women Above 25 To Be Granted Saudi Tourism Visa Saudi Arabia is to allow women who are at least 25 years old to visit the kingdom without the need to be accompanied by a family member, a Saudi daily has said. “The tourist visa will be a si... January 12, 2018 961 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait To Import Onions From India To Cover Local Shortage Ministry of Commerce and Industry in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and Kuwait Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies are planning to import a specified quantity of onion ... November 27, 2017 1835 Category: Kuwait
Saudi Arabia To Allow Women To Drive In Major Milestone For Country Women in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to drive, the government announced on Tuesday - ending their reign as the only nation in the world where women were forbidden from getting behind the wheel of a c... September 27, 2017 669 Category: Kuwait
Overweight Kuwaiti Woman Flown To US For Treatment An overweight Kuwaiti woman weighing 270 kg was flown to the United States of America for treatment. The Ministry of Health arranged for the transportation of the patient in co-ordination with the ... September 11, 2017 2484 Category: Kuwait
Increase In Petrol Price Fails To Prevent Traffic Congestion The government decision one year ago to cut the subsidy for fuels, thereby raising their prices, was meant, in part, to ease the traffic congestion but the problem remains virtually the same. There mu... September 01, 2017 911 Category: Kuwait
Officers Are Looking For Two Individuals Who Robbed An Egyptian Taxi Driver At Knife Point Officers from Hawalli Security Directorate are looking for two individuals who robbed an Egyptian taxi driver at knife point, reports Al-Anba daily. ; (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []... August 30, 2017 429 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Employee Was Arrested For Using Patrol Car An Egyptian employee of the Interior Ministry was arrested for using patrol car bearing the ministry’s emblem for contract activities, and transporting laborers in Sabah Al-Ahmed City. A secu... June 23, 2017 724 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Seeks Developing Different Transport Sectors The development of the land transport system seeks to contribute to evolving North of Kuwait as an economic and urban area, linking it to roads connected with neighboring countries in order to limit t... May 25, 2017 753 Category: Kuwait
MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari Said That Kuwait Is Not A Destination For Migration MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari said that the talk concerning expats was not out of ‘racism’ and we are only after regulation. While speaking in a seminar titles ‘Demographic Imbalances, E... March 15, 2017 1120 Category: Kuwait
Transport Authorities Issued To Prevent Empty Vehicles For Egyptian Markets The Egyptian land transport authorities have issued a decision to prevent heavy vehicles with Kuwaiti number plates from entering Cairo if they don’t carry goods for Egyptian markets, reports Al... January 24, 2017 609 Category: Kuwait
Indian Expat Was Hit And Killed By The Driver Of A Public Transport While He Was Trying Cross A Road An Indian expatriate was hit and killed by the driver of a public transport while he was trying cross a road in Jleeb Shuyoukh area. Necessary legal action was taken against the driver who claimed ... December 27, 2016 1195 Category: Crime News
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