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Kuwait Tops Gulf Countries In Attracting Foreign Investment According to a report issued by the economic team of Ministry of Finance, Kuwait leads the Gulf countries in attracting foreign investment, reports Al-Nahar daily. The report indicated that Kuwait ... January 20, 2019 610 Category: Business
Kuwaits Current Development Plan Tops Previous Years Kuwait has seen better progress in terms of national development in the first quarter (Q1) of this year as opposed to the same period in the previous year, according to an official. The 2017-2018 t... August 26, 2018 388 Category: Business
Kuwait And Qatar Tops Life Expectancy Among Arabs States According to a report issued by Ministry of Health, Kuwait and Qatar take top place among Arab countries in terms of average life expectancy, reports Aljarida daily. The report explained that the aver... July 01, 2018 966 Category: International
Gulf Security, Stability Tops Kuwait-UK Panel Meeting London will host on Tuesday the joint UK-Kuwaiti Steering Group’s 12th meeting, with security and stability of the Gulf region and other regional files topping the agenda. The Kuwaiti delegation... June 26, 2018 604 Category: Kuwait
Number Of MPs Affirmed That Issue Of Bachelors Residing In Residential Areas Tops Priorities A number of MPs affirmed that the issue of bachelors residing in residential areas tops the priorities of the Parliament’s Utilities Committee, reports Arab Times daily. The MPs said the solu... December 23, 2016 1549 Category: Kuwait
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