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Possessing Sharp Tools And Objects Criminalized Attorney General Counselor Dirar Al-Assousi announced his support of the Public Prosecution for the criminalization of the possession of dangerous tools inside commercial complexes, government facilit... January 09, 2019 232 Category: Crime News
Sex Tools Found In Post Parcel The Parcel Unit at Hateen Post Office found a piece of antiquity in a parcel sent from a GCC country to an Arab expatriate. The recipient is undergoing interrogation. Meanwhile, officials at the Parce... December 05, 2018 3473 Category: Crime News
Al-Kandari Shed Lights Kuwait's Use Of Technology To Streamline Parl't Action Secretary General of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Allam Al-Kandari has briefed secretaries of Arab and European parliaments about Kuwait's tapping of latest technology to facilitate parliamentary... December 19, 2017 607 Category: Kuwait
Security Operatives Nabbed Citizen In Possession Of 16 Bullets And Drug Tools Security operatives nabbed a citizen in possession of 16 bullets and drug tools when he engaged three other citizens in a public brawl at a popular hotel in Salmiya area. The officers later discovered... November 12, 2017 580 Category: Crime News
CID Stated All Magic Tools Confiscated By Inspectors Have Been Destroyed Completely Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh stated all magic tools confiscated by inspectors from the General Customs Directorate have been destroyed completely, according to the legal... August 02, 2017 423 Category: Crime News
Electronic Tools And Gadgets Are For Sale To Help Students Cheat During The Exams While secondarylevel students are preparing for their final examinations which will start on May 14, several electronic tools and gadgets are emerging on social media for sale to help students cheat d... May 11, 2017 1033 Category: Kuwait
Pakistani Caught With Heroin And Drug Addiction Tools A Pakistani who was caught with a quantity of heroin and drug addiction tools has been referred to the General Department for Drugs Control, reports Annahar daily. The arrest came at a checkpoint at t... January 24, 2017 550 Category: Crime News
Drifters Tools Seized Traffic campaigns carried out in Kabad and Wafra recently resulted in the impounding of 59 vehicles — 29 in Kabad and 30 in the camping sites and animal pens in Wafra. The impounded vehicles, wh... December 09, 2015 1543 Category: Kuwait
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