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Tons Of Subsidized Rice, Sugar, Lentils & Milk Found In Jleeb Warehouse Raid  The Ministry of Interior announced the seizure of 1,000 kilos of rice and 600 kilos of sugar and other subsidized food supplies which were intended to be smuggled out of the country, reports Al-... October 13, 2020 2253 Category: Crime News
Indian Dies Under Tons Of Goods In Salmi Warehouse Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) announced Tuesday that the body of the missing dead worker who was lost under the debris of collapsed shelves in a warehouse belonging to a major company in the ... November 28, 2018 1168 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Ranked 6th Among The Arab Countries With 79 Tons Of Gold Reserve Kuwait ranked sixth among the Arab countries with approximately 79 tons of gold reserve. Recent statistics of the International Gold Council indicated the net purchases of gold by the central banks fo... August 09, 2017 773 Category: Kuwait
Municipality Seizes And Destroys 5.5 Tons Of Rotten Foodstuffs Municipality inspectors carried out inspections in co-op at the Governorate and confiscated more than 5.5 tons of rotten foodstuffs found to be unfit for human consumption.   SOURCE : AYMAN... August 05, 2017 722 Category: Crime News
Tons Of Rotten Food Destroyed In Shuwaikh The Waste Removal Department at the Kuwait Municipality branch in the Capital launched inspection campaigns targeting warehouses in Shuwaikh, resulting in the confiscation and destruction of 18 tons o... August 01, 2017 588 Category: Crime News
Municipality Seizes 18 Tons Of Expired Food The municipality team carried out an inspection on restaurants and shops in Shuwaikh which they seized 18 tons of expired food and issuance several citations   SOURCE : AYMANMAT ... July 30, 2017 648 Category: Crime News
Emergency Team Seized 8 Tons Of Expired Foodstuff The Emergency Team of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Municipality embarked on an inspection campaign at Al-Qurain Markets which resulted in confiscation of 8 tons and 267 kilograms of expired food items from a war... July 24, 2017 533 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Municipality Seizes Tons Of Expired Food In Many Raids The Department of Public Relations at Kuwait Municipality announced that its emergency teams issued a total of 443 citations and confiscated and destroyed 3.571 tons of foodstuffs deemed unfit for hum... July 14, 2017 527 Category: Crime News
Municipality Workers Removed Tons Of Destroyed Veggies And Fruits Kuwait Municipality workers removed used furniture and destroyed tons of vegetables, fruits and second-hand clothing seized during an inspection tour of makeshift markets in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh by hawke... July 12, 2017 680 Category: Crime News
98.962 Tons Of Expired Foodstuffs Seized In 1st Phase Campaigns Director General of Kuwait Municipality Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi affirmed that the first phase of the campaign titled “Your Health is Trust” launched by municipality’s Public Relations ... May 31, 2017 544 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Municipality Seizes 21 Tons And 264 Kilograms Of Expired Foodstuffs The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality disclosed that the Waste Removal Department affiliated to Capital Municipality launched field inspections on warehouses in Shuwaikh Industrial Ar... May 16, 2017 1117 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Municipality Inspection Campaigns Result In Disposal Of 1.5 Tons Foods Kuwait Municipality has intensified its inspection campaigns targeting shops selling foodstuff, restaurants, stores, companies and cooperative societies as the holy month of Ramadan is fast approachin... May 15, 2017 682 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Municipality Destroyed 22 Tons Of Rotten Foodstuffs Kuwait Municipality seized and destroyed nearly 22 tons of rotten foodstuffs found to be unfit for human consumption in Shuwaikh area during a campaign targeting foodstuff and wholesale stores, r... May 13, 2017 1833 Category: Kuwait
Municipality Seized 10 Tons Of Spoiled Food Items As part of the ongoing inspection campaigns of Kuwait Municipality, the Emergency Team in the Hawally branch of the Municipality made a strong hit on traders of expired food commodities as it raided a... May 05, 2017 608 Category: Crime News
Municipality Seized 10 Tons Of Rotten Foodstuffs Kuwait Municipality seized and destroyed 10 tons of rotten foodstuffs found to be unfit for human consumption in Hawally area, as well as four truckloads of used furniture and spoiled electronic gadge... May 03, 2017 803 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Municipality Has Given The Concerned Officials 2 Weeks Grace Period To Answer How Tons Of Frozen Fish And Shrimps Entered The Country Director-General of the Kuwait Municipality Eng Ahmed Al-Manfouhi has given the concerned officials two weeks grace period to answer how tons of frozen fish and shrimps entered the country although a ... April 19, 2017 761 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Muncipality Destroyes 6 Tons Of Food Material Mubarak Al-Kabeer municipality branch emergency team inspected food factories in Subhan, resulting in confiscating and destroying six tons of food material. Director of the branch Samiya Al-Eenzi said... February 15, 2017 977 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Municipality Seized Tons Of Unsafe Foodstuff The Public Relations Department at Kuwait Municipality has announced the accomplishments in December 2016, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The department enumerated the achievements as follows: lifted 6... February 03, 2017 1688 Category: Automotive
Tons Of Subsidized Foodstuff Found In Basement Personnel from the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior recently raided the basement of a residential building in Jlee... April 18, 2016 1118 Category: Kuwait
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