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Thieves Do A Clean Job The theft of more than 7,000 dinars from the safe of a company in the Amghara Scrap remains shrouded in mystery because the thefts appears to be carefully planned, including the timing and the suspect... November 03, 2021 335 Category: Crime News
MP Amends Thieves Bill MPs Mehalhal Al-Mudaf, Abdullah Al-Mudaf, Hamad Rouhaldeen, Muhannad Al-Sayer and Hassan Jawhar have submitted a bill on amending Public Funds Protection Law number 1/1993 to toughen penalties for tho... February 03, 2021 268 Category: Kuwait
Thieves Sought As Citizens, Expats Continue To Be Robbed The gangs of thieves who target unsuspecting victims continue to rob citizens and expatriates and the latest victim was a Kuwaiti who lost 12,000 dinars, reports Al-Anba daily. The victim lives in Qas... September 05, 2020 444 Category: Crime News
Don’t ‘reprieve’ Thieves By Asking Them To Swear WHENEVER we talk about fighting corruption in Kuwait, we hear flowery words and glamorous slogans, but we don’t see corrupt people being referred to the judiciary. All that we hear are talks abo... June 09, 2020 562 Category: Opinion
Thieves Return Cash And Out On Bail The Court of Appeals, chaired by Judge Nasser Al- Haid, cancelled the decision taken by the Criminal Court which sentenced 12 persons to jail for a period ranging from five to 10 years for stealing KD... January 26, 2020 207 Category: Crime News
Fight Gives Away 3 Power Generator Thieves Three persons have been referred for investigation on charges of stealing power generators, reports Al-Rai daily. According to security sources, the men stole two power generators and sold one of them... January 01, 2020 333 Category: Crime News
Thieves Flee Before Cops Arrive Security officers from the Abdullah Al Mubarak Police Station have contacted the General Traffic Department to identify the owner of a vehicle which was left behind by unidentified thieves who were se... December 05, 2019 267 Category: Crime News
One Of the World's Biggest Robbery Germany witnessed the biggest robbery ever as robbers have stolen three priceless diamond sets from a state museum in Dresden city. The local media claims it to the biggest art heist since the second ... November 26, 2019 1496 Category: International
Thieves Stealing 9 Power Cables From KOC Police are looking for thieves for stealing nine power cables (each 10 meters long) from the Kuwait Oil Company KOC) site, reports Al-Rai daily. The case has been filed the KOC legal representative... October 03, 2019 491 Category: Crime News
Thieves Take Cash – Two Hits Reported The Sulaibikhat and Sa’ad Al-Abdullah districts have witnessed two robberies. The first happened in the house of a Kuwaiti family when the latter went shopping and the other a car break-in of an... May 13, 2019 281 Category: Crime News
Colonel, Expats Jailed For Theft And Money Wash The Court of Appeals ordered the arrest of a colonel in the Ministry of Interior and some expatriates for stealing from the Police Cooperative Society and laundering money. The court also decided t... February 08, 2019 355 Category: Crime News
Group Of Thieves Broke Into A Shop And Escaped With Expensive Watches And Jewelry The Criminal Investigations Department is exerting tremendous efforts to arrest a group of thieves who broke into a shop in a wellknown commercial complex and escaped with a large number of expensive ... January 29, 2019 392 Category: Crime News
Hunt Launched For Thieves Criminal detectives continue to follow leads toward the arrest of unidentified burglar(s) who stole pieces of jewelry and money from the house of MP Saadoun Al-Hammadi. According to the police report,... June 24, 2018 350 Category: Crime News
Girl In Thieves Gang The Hawalli police have arrested two young people, a Kuwaiti man and a bedoun girl and are believed to be looking for two others for committing several thefts, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source ... February 25, 2018 557 Category: Crime News
Diesel Thieves Busted Ahmadi securitymen arrested three people, two Egyptians and Pakistani for stealing diesel from oil site in Mina Abdullah while patrolling the area, they were referred to the concerned authorities for ... October 13, 2017 1482 Category: Crime News
CID Have Arrested 2 Bedoun And Looking For A GCC Citizen For Stealing Cars Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested 2 bedoun and are looking for a GCC citizen who is still at large for stealing cars, either by force after threatening to kill their ... March 19, 2017 664 Category: Crime News
KGAC Prevent Stolen Cars From Being Smuggled Out Of The Country General Traffic Department (GTD) and the Kuwait General Administration of Customs (KGAC) plan to link their systems to prevent stolen cars from being legally smuggled out of the country via the border... March 01, 2017 842 Category: Crime News
Gang Of Gas Cylinder Thieves Arrested Five Asian expatriates — two Indians, two Pakistanis and one Bangladeshi — were arrested for stealing gas cylinders from houses and restaurants. In a press statement issued by Ministry of ... February 23, 2017 563 Category: Crime News
CID Have Put An End To The Criminal Activity Of A 3 Man Gang Of Syrians For Stealing Buses Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have put an end to the criminal activity of a three-man gang of Syrians, one of the most dangerous, where theft of vehicles is concerned. Durin... February 15, 2017 1078 Category: Crime News
Securitymen Arrested A Gang Of Thieves For Snatching Phones And Cash Hawally securitymen arrested a gang of thieves consisting of four Egyptians and three Lebanese who robbed Kuwaitis and expatriates in Salmiya. In a press statement, the Interior Ministry revealed the ... February 08, 2017 920 Category: Crime News
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