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Theft At A Jewelry Shop In Jahra A jewelry shop was robbed at dawn in the Jahra area. The robbers took advantage of fog weather situation in Kuwait.       SOURCE   ARABTIMES ... January 13, 2022 381 Category: Crime News
Municipality Official Wanted In Sand Theft Held At Airport After a court ruling was issued in absentia to sentence an official from the Kuwait Municipality to seven-year imprisonment and fine him more than one billion and one hundred and ten million Kuwaiti d... December 19, 2021 114 Category: Crime News
12 Smartphone Apps That Steal Bank Data In a report issued by Threat Fabric, it warned of a group of malicious applications that are installed on smartphones supported by the Android system, and cause theft of bank data of users. The tec... December 18, 2021 460 Category: Technology
Theft Of 520 Manhole Lids In Kuwait Baffles Authorities Kuwaiti authorities are investigating the mysterious theft of 520 manhole lids from drains on a main road, local media reported. An engineer at the Ministry of Public Works reported to police that ... November 05, 2021 546 Category: Crime News
Theft In Amghara Scrapyard Police are looking for unidentified thieves who allegedly escaped with more than 7,000 dinars from the safe of a company in the Amghara Scrapyard, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, a case has be... November 03, 2021 159 Category: Crime News
EPA Reveals New Case Of Public Funds Theft The Environment Public Authority (EPA) revealed a new case of theft of public funds by stealing from a sand quarry and selling them without any prior license or approval, reports Al-Qabas daily. React... October 30, 2021 160 Category: Crime News
Armed Robbery In Bank, Theft Of KD 32,000 The Ministry of Interior arrested the culprit who robbed a bank branch in Taima, Jahra. The culprit attempted an armed robbery by using a knife. The thief managed to rob KD 32,000. Soon after committi... October 27, 2021 954 Category: Crime News
Felonies Increasing In Kuwait At Alarming Rate Statistics issued by the security authorities has sounded the alarm bell in terms of the spread of felonies such as theft of money and other similar crimes. The Public Prosecution said 1,555 cases wer... September 27, 2021 203 Category: Crime News
Detectives Hunt Asian Maid Who Stole Jewelry From Kuwaiti Sponsor A Kuwaiti citizen registered a case at Hawally police station against his Asian maid accusing her of escaping from his house. In his report he stated that the maid stole gold jewelry worth more than t... September 21, 2021 339 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Held In Turkey For Robbing Syrian Man A Kuwaiti youth has been arrested by the Turkish police for allegedly robbing a Syrian last Monday, reports Al-Rai daily citing Turkish media reports. The Kuwaiti is said to have stolen two phones, 60... September 12, 2021 348 Category: Crime News
Thief Nabbed At Airport; Man Robs Another In Revenge The Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have managed to crack separate cases of theft and referred the suspects to the concerned authorities, reports Al-Rai daily. In the first ... September 04, 2021 364 Category: Crime News
Expat Nabbed For Alleged Theft Of KD12,000 Worth Of Rosaries Kuwaiti police had arrested an expatriate before fleeing the country with an alleged theft of prayer rosaries worth KD12,000, according to a local newspaper. The arrest came in response to a legal ... September 04, 2021 255 Category: Crime News
Goggles Thief Sought The Maidan Hawalli police are looking for a woman in a strange case – theft of sunglasses from a shop in Maidan Hawalli, reports Al- Anba daily. When the Egyptian salesman discovered the theft o... August 23, 2021 611 Category: Crime News
Movie-like Theft Of Motorbike Police are looking for unidentified persons for stealing the motorbike of a home delivery food worker. The security sources said in a movie-like scenario one of the suspects deliberately collided with... July 28, 2021 404 Category: Crime News
Hunt On As Man Steals Cherokee Jeep, Sells It For KD 100 Police are looking for an unidentified thief who allegedly sold a Cherokee Jeep to an Afghan as scrap and escaped after taking 100 dinars without waiting to take the sale documents. According to secur... July 27, 2021 291 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizens Vehicle Robbed Kuwaiti citizens vehicle was robbed in Adailiya area. Private documents, car registration book and some contents has been missing.   SOURCE  ARABTIMES ... July 27, 2021 406 Category: Crime News
Syrians, Bangladeshi, Indian And An Iranian Mechanics Held Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested nine people — 6 Syrians, a Bangladeshi, an Indian and an Iranian, for stealing a vital part of the exhaust from the car o... May 27, 2021 2447 Category: Crime News
Electrical Cables From Transformers Thefts Continue The theft of electrical cables from transformers continues unabated and an employee of the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy informed the Riqqa Police Station about the theft of an e... April 20, 2021 301 Category: Crime News
Vehicle Thief Arrested The Ministry of Interior managed to catch a vehicle thief hours after the video went viral. The Hawally Governorate investigation department stated that after monitoring the videos whic... April 15, 2021 637 Category: Crime News
Sudanese Blamed For Theft An unidentified Sudanese and a 37-year-old Kuwaiti working for the National Guard have been referred for investigation following a claim by the Kuwaiti that he was robbed by the Sudanese of 6,190 dina... March 01, 2021 322 Category: Crime News
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