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Kuwait Records The Highest Temperature In The World The cities of Kuwait and Doha topped a list of 143 capitals around the world and recorded the highest temperature on Saturday, Al-Rai daily reported. According to the Norwegian time and date websit... June 06, 2021 10734 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Temperatures Are Higher Than Their Average During This Period Compared To Last Year The Meteorological Department said that the country is affected by the extension of an air depression accompanied by a hot air mass, which leads to high temperatures and is higher than their rates in ... April 30, 2021 492 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Cold Wave Expected, Temperature To Touch Zero Degrees Meteorologist Muhammad Karam warned on Sunday, that Kuwait is on the cusp of a cold wave that begins next Wednesday evening. The temperature is expected to fall to zero degrees in the open and desert ... January 17, 2021 2243 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Street Paint That Cuts Temperature In Kuwait The Environment Public Authority (EPA) signed an agreement with a Japanese company to experiment with a street paint that contains a substance that can reduce temperatures to 10 degrees Celsius, AlQab... January 13, 2021 284 Category: Kuwait
Weather To Be Stable With Low Temperatures By This Week The observer for weather forecasts in the Kuwait Meteorological Administration, Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, said that Sudan’s seasonal depression began to recede with the advance of an air high from th... December 06, 2020 401 Category: Information
Temperature Is Below 30 In The Middle Of The Month Meteorologist Muhammad Karam expected light to moderate rain, starting on Sunday evening and continuing until next Thursday morning, and will be accompanied by thunderstorms, indicating that the rates... November 06, 2020 559 Category: Automotive
Temperature To Drop By Next Week; Rainy Season Begins In Early November Meteorologist Muhammad Karam expected that the temperature will drop at the end of the week, to drop below 40 degrees, with the maximum temperature during October ranging between 39 and 37 degrees Cel... September 29, 2020 570 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Will Temperature Checks Of Employees Make Workplaces Safe? Will temperature checks of employees make workplaces safe? No, not completely. They can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections but shouldn’t be the only safety measure employers take. Some ... June 02, 2020 1557 Category: Coronavirus
Hot Weather During The Day - Temperature Is 37 Degrees The meteorological department said that the weather today, Wednesday, will be hot during the day, and winds will fluctuate to light northwest to moderate speed 08-28 km / h. As for the night, it is... May 07, 2020 440 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Temperature To Fall Between 8 – 12 Degree °C - Meteorological Department According to the Meteorological Department the weather will be cool at night, and the winds will be in southeasterly direction light to moderate speeds of 26 – 26 kilometers per hour with some s... December 06, 2019 1321 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Gradual Decrease In Temperature And Relative Humidity The meteorological department said the country is heading towards gradual decrease in temperature and relative humidity, reports Al-Rai daily. “The wind moving from southeast to northwest, and i... October 06, 2019 567 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Severe Winter Awaits Kuwait - Temperature Is Expected To Drop To 1°C A severe winter awaits Kuwaitis and residents, where the temperature is expected to drop to one degree Celsius, but despite the unpredictability rains will not be as much as last year that flooded the... October 03, 2019 13689 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Temperature In Kuwait Is Expected To Hit 50 Degrees Today Head of Navigational Forecasting Department at Kuwait Meteorological Department Derar Al-Ali says the temperature in Kuwait is expected to reach 50 degree Centigrade on Monday, July 29, reports Al-Sey... July 29, 2019 729 Category: Kuwait
‘Temperature In Kuwait Will Not Exceed 52 Degree Celsius’ Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, the weather forecaster at Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) says summer season has officially begun in Kuwait to start the summer solstice astronomically, reports Aljar... June 26, 2019 2542 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Caution Against A Cold Wave ,The Temperature Is Expected To Reach Zero The astronomical expert Adel Marzouq called for caution against a cold wave in the country due to the blowing of the northern winds that are between moderate and light sometimes active, and after that... December 24, 2018 1666 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait Is Currently Affected By The Seasonal Sudan Depression Kuwait is currently affected by the seasonal Sudan depression, accompanied by relative humid air, which might lead to increasing clouds in the coming days and scattered rain, said Abdul Aziz Al-Qarawi... April 05, 2018 481 Category: Kuwait
Country Witness A Rise In Temperature And Relative Humidity In Aug Meteorologist Issa Ramadan said the country will witness a significant rise in temperature and relative humidity in the second half of August, reports Annahar daily. Ramadan told the daily there is... April 03, 2018 716 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Is Currently Affected By Seasonal Sudan Depression Kuwait is currently affected by seasonal Sudan depression, accompanied by relatively humid air, which might lead to increasing clouds in the coming days accompanied by scattered and heavy rain, said A... February 23, 2018 526 Category: Kuwait
Cold Weather Expected This Week Meteorologist Abdul Aziz Al-Qarawi expected warm weather and southeasterly winds will continue until this evening, when a cold northwesterly moderate wind of speeds between 15-45 kilometers per hour w... December 25, 2017 1828 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Weekend Weather Expected To Remain Warm And Moderate The weather is expected to remain warm and moderate during the day and cool during the night this week, Meteorologist Essa Ramadhan said. Scattered clouds, dry weather and southeasterly winds are expe... December 19, 2017 906 Category: Weather in Kuwait