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Kuwait Will Collect 565 Million Dinars In Taxes Next Year Kuwait's Ministry of Finance increased the amount of taxes estimated to be collected in the next fiscal year to almost 565 million dinars, owing to a 21% increase in taxes on income, earnings, and... February 12, 2022 450 Category: Kuwait
Risk In Remittance Tax; Money May Move Underground A government study shows the remittances of expatriate workers from Kuwait during last year (2020) was about 12.9 percent of the total GDP with India making the lion’s share with 29.5 percent fo... November 18, 2021 451 Category: Kuwait
Taxes On Expats Remittances Will Have Negative Impact A study conducted by the specialized team of government revealed that the remittance of expats from Kuwait amounted to 12.9% of GDP last year, highest remittances were to India, followed by Egypt... November 17, 2021 456 Category: Expats
Taxes, Expats Real Estate In New Vision The governmental draft plan, which has been placed on the Cabinet’s table, calls for the adoption of attractive housing policies for real-estate development, and stresses the importance of enabl... October 13, 2021 701 Category: Kuwait
Private Marinas And Harbors Owners Do Not Pay Any Fees To The State In the midst of the government’s accelerated steps to reduce subsidies and the cost of living bill provided by the state to the citizens in order to reduce the budget deficit, questions are bein... August 30, 2021 170 Category: Kuwait
SPEAKER DENIES DECREE INTENT TO IMPOSE TAXES National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim has confirmed receiving Decree No. 139/2021 to end the first round of the 16th parliamentary term on Thursday. He said His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh ... June 29, 2021 315 Category: Kuwait
Tax Decrees Feared The objective in holding the special session of the National Assembly on Tuesday is to end the current parliamentary round as fast as possible, says Chairman of the parliamentary Budgets and Final Acc... June 21, 2021 317 Category: Kuwait
Tighten Your Belts … New Taxes Set To Be Imposed By End Of Fiscal Year Even though uncertainty surrounds the National Assembly’s ability to resume sessions and approve budgets despite efforts to resolve the ongoing political crisis, and even though the Minister of ... June 19, 2021 1544 Category: Kuwait
Discrimination: Taxes And Fees Are Subject To Statute Of Limitations In a final and final ruling, the Court of Cassation established a new principle in the collection of state dues from citizens, according to which it is not permissible to claim fees and taxes in the i... February 04, 2021 617 Category: Kuwait
MPs Against Government’s Attempt To Impose Taxes On Citizens In support of the hard-line parliamentary stances that the government’s program does not include any sign of raising service fees or imposing taxes on citizens, the MPs formed a wall yesterday i... January 12, 2021 499 Category: Information
MP Safa Again Push For Impose Taxes On Expat Remittances The head of the National Assembly’s financial and economic affairs committee MP Safa Al-Hashem said that the lawmakers will push to approve a draft law to impose taxes on expat remittances. T... November 06, 2019 1060 Category: Kuwait
MP Al-Saleh Joins His Colleagues Against Implementation Of Taxes MP Khaleel Al-Saleh added his voice to the voice of his colleagues who are against the implementation of taxes saying any government move in this direction will increase the burden on citizens. He ... October 13, 2019 316 Category: Kuwait
Cabinet Is Divided On The Issue Of Fees And Taxes Ministerial sources have revealed that the Cabinet is divided on the issue of fees and taxes between advocating the implementation of the policy of increasing non-oil revenues while another team resis... March 25, 2019 321 Category: Kuwait
Ernst And Young Calls On GCC States To Automatize Taxes & To Train Staff Ernst & Young (EY) Senior Tax Partner for the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), Sherif El-Kilany, said Thursday that the GCC countries must look into means to lay the ground for automati... December 07, 2018 486 Category: Kuwait
Lawmakers Objected Proposal To Impose Taxes On Citizens; Demand Increase Fee For Expats The lawmaker in Kuwait objected proposal by the government to study and implement taxation law as part of the government development plan. On the other hand, lawmakers demanded increasing the fees on ... October 29, 2018 335 Category: Kuwait
Gvnt Has Failed To Collect Approximately 1.5 Billion Dinars Owed To It By Various Sectors The government has failed to collect approximately 1.5 billion dinars (equivalent to $5 billion), owed to it by various sectors, reports Al-Anba daily citing a government report. The report stated ... November 10, 2017 816 Category: Kuwait
Audit Bureau Has Called On The Government To Impose New Taxes The Audit Bureau (AB) has called on the government to impose new taxes to increase the non-oil revenues by amending the tax laws to reform the state’s tax system saying an increase in non-oil re... November 10, 2017 869 Category: Kuwait
Country Recorded A Deficit Of KD 1.94 Billion In Its Budget The country recorded a deficit of KD 1.94 billion in its general budget in the first half of fiscal 2017/2018, reports Al-Rai daily quoting the monthly financial report released by the Ministry of Fin... October 17, 2017 663 Category: Kuwait
Imposing Taxes On Expats Is Not Suitable Measures To Increase Revenues- CBK Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) Governor Dr Mohammad Al- Hashel said imposing taxes or fees on expatriates’ remittances is not part of suitable measures to increase non-oil revenues, reports Al-Sey... May 02, 2017 1032 Category: Kuwait
MP Safa Al-Hashim Affirmed Her Intention To Call For Imposing Taxes On Expats MP Safa Al-Hashim affirmed her intention to call for imposing taxes on expatriates, revealing that she will present a proposal in this regard Indicating that such a step has been taken in the United A... February 03, 2017 1035 Category: Kuwait
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