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Syrians, Bangladeshi, Indian And An Iranian Mechanics Held Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested nine people — 6 Syrians, a Bangladeshi, an Indian and an Iranian, for stealing a vital part of the exhaust from the car o... May 27, 2021 2580 Category: Crime News
Smuggling Attempt Thwarted – 3 Million Narco Pills Found With 3 Syrians The Drugs Control department thwarted an attempt to smuggle 3 million narcotic pills coming in from Turkey at Shuwaikh port. Three Syrians were arrested with eight containers hidden beneath the marble... February 25, 2021 631 Category: Crime News
Kuwait At UN Urges Securing Humanitarian Aid For Syrians Kuwait’s Permanent Representative at the UN Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi stressed Thursday the importance of securing safe, perpetual, and obstacle-free delivery of humanitarian aid to all Syria... April 26, 2019 284 Category: International
Syria For Syrians From Beginning To End THE call made by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) Walid Muallem for Syrian refugees to voluntarily return to their country is ano... October 01, 2018 1200 Category: Article
Syrians On Visit Visas Are Not Entitled For Renewals Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passports Affairs in the Interior Ministry Major General Talal Mara’afi recently held a meeting with directors of immigration departments in t... July 01, 2018 352 Category: Visit Visa
No Extension ,renew Or Transfer Visit, Work Or Family Visas For Syrians Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Nationality and Passport Affairs, Brigadier-General Talal Marafie, has issued instructions to the directors-general and their assistants at all immigrati... June 28, 2018 2255 Category: Kuwait
Syrians, Yemenis In Prison To Be Deported Home Countries The Syrians and the Yemenis who are is prison will be deported to their respective home countries because the situations in some war-affected Arab countries has become almost stable, keeping in mind t... June 14, 2018 548 Category: Crime News
Father And Son Arrested For Obtaining The Kuwaiti Citizenship Fraudulently Kuwaiti authorities have referred two Syrians, a man and his son, to the public prosecution for obtaining the Kuwaiti citizenship fraudulently. According to the case documents, the father was hired t... April 11, 2018 940 Category: Crime News
MOI Has Given Directives Of The DPM To Renew The Visit Visas Of Syrians The Ministry of the Interior has given directives of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah to renew the visit visas of Syrians for 3 months through the Department... July 06, 2017 679 Category: Visit Visa
Kuwaitis And Syrians Hurt In Public Brawl In Salmiya A public brawl between three Kuwaitis and five Syrians inside a commercial complex in Salmiya caused injuries to several of them. Initial investigations revealed that while the three Kuwaitis were sho... June 28, 2017 630 Category: Crime News
MOI Issued Decision To Reject Request Presented By Syrians For Amendment Of Their Nationality Ministry of Interior has issued a decision to reject any request presented by Syrian nationals for amendment of their nationality in their official records following their acquisition of Sudanese pass... May 24, 2017 843 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Government Finding Ways To Legalize Thousands Of Illegal Syrians The Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah is closely following up the issue of Syrians (violators of residence law), the issue which he looks at from the humanitarian poi... February 20, 2017 1037 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Assaulted By 4 Syrians Four Syrians engaged a Kuwaiti citizen in a fight in front of a commercial complex in Salmiya area. They suffered injuries in different parts of their bodies. A team of securitymen and paramedics went... January 20, 2017 669 Category: Crime News
State Security Police Have Busted A Five Man Gang Of Syrians For Financing Terror Cells The State Security police have busted a five-man gang of Syrians for financing terror cells in Syria including DAESH, the Al-Nusra Front and similar other organizations, reports Arab Times daily. T... December 20, 2016 1051 Category: Crime News
8000 Syrians Violate Residency Norms In Kuwait The number of residency violators among the Syrian community in Kuwait has reached 8,000, reports Arab Times daily. According to a security source, most of these violators had entered the country on f... December 18, 2016 1388 Category: Kuwait
MOI Launched A Campaign To Support And Aid Aleppo And Syrians In Need Kuwait’s Ministry of Information announced Thursday the launch of a campaign to support and aid Aleppo and Syrians in need. The ministry has launched a one-week plan on Wednesday to broadcast... December 16, 2016 1324 Category: Kuwait
Two Syrians Injured During A Quarrel With A Group Of Youths At A Commercial Complex Two Syrians sustained injuries in different parts of the body during a quarrel with a group of youths at a commercial complex in Hawalli area. A security source said the other members of the feuding p... December 12, 2016 725 Category: Crime News
CED Have Arrested Two Syrians For Forging Documents Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have arrested two Syrians for forging documents to help obtain credit facilities and bank loans in return for money, reports Al-Shahed daily. Accord... December 08, 2016 906 Category: Crime News
Gang Arrested For Stealing Buses Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have busted a 5-man gang involved in stealing buses in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area. The gang consisted of two Syrians and three Indian nationals. They ... October 19, 2016 893 Category: Crime News
3 Syrians Nabbed The Ahmadi police have arrested three Syrians for breaking into cars and stealing the valuables. According to security sources, the men were caught on suspicion in Fintas at a late evening hour. When ... September 20, 2016 991 Category: Crime News
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