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MP Bader Al-Mulla Submitted Corruption Bill MP Bader Al-Mulla has submitted a bill amending the law on the establishment of Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (NAZAHA), specifically the article on the disclosure of assets and liabilities stipulat... December 03, 2019 567 Category: Kuwait
Minister Submitted Resignation Prior To Grilling Just a week prior to discussing the grilling request submitted by MP Mohammad Hayef against Minister of Finance Dr Nayef Al-Hajraf, which is already in the parliamentary agenda for Nov 12, the ministe... November 05, 2019 350 Category: Kuwait
Demographics Committee Submitted Its Reports On Population Imbalance The Demographics Committee has submitted its reports with proposals and recommendations to handle the population structure imbalance and find suitable solutions. According to Al-Qabas daily report,... November 04, 2019 288 Category: Kuwait
Population Panel Submitted Proposals The Demographics Committee, formed by State Minister for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel, has submitted its reports with proposals and recommendations to handle the population structure imbalance and... November 04, 2019 286 Category: Kuwait
MP Al-Tabatabaei Has Submitted An Interpellation Request Against Works Minister MP Omar Al-Tabatabaei has submitted an interpellation request against the Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Housing Affairs Jinan Boushahri. Therefore, the total number of interpel... October 21, 2019 296 Category: Kuwait
MP Has Submitted A Proposal To Safeguard Values, Morals, Civility & Respectable Social Behaviors MP Majed Al-Mutairi has submitted a proposal to safeguard values, morals, civility and respectable social behaviors. In his explanatory note, the MP said the country has been witnessing spread of w... September 12, 2019 253 Category: Kuwait
HIHC Officially Submitted Request To Postpone Listing On Kuwaiti Bourse The Health Insurance Hospital Company (HIHC) has officially submitted to the Capital Market Authority a request to postpone its listing on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, reports Al- Jarida daily quoting i... August 06, 2019 262 Category: Business
MP Thamer Al-Suwait Submitted A Bill Mandating Restaurants, Commercial Complexes, Coops And Market To Close During Friday Prayers Coming from a religious standpoint and based on Article Two of the Constitution, MP Thamer Al-Suwait submitted a bill mandating restaurants, commercial complexes, cooperative societies and market plac... July 26, 2019 446 Category: Kuwait
MP Has Submitted Queries On Suspicious Activities Of Awqaf MP Safaa Al- Hashem has submitted queries to the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs on what she described as suspicious activities during the pilgrimage season. Based on the information she obta... July 18, 2019 554 Category: Kuwait
MP Submitted A Proposal To Amend The Law Of The Audit Bureau MP Dr Khalil Abul has submitted a proposal to amend the law of the Audit Bureau according to which the term of the chairman, his deputy and other senior officials will be for four years, renewable jus... July 01, 2019 263 Category: Kuwait
MP Mohamed Al-Huwaila Has Submitted A Legislative Proposal To Increase The Surface Area Of Allotted Agricultural Plots MP Mohamed Al-Huwaila has submitted a legislative proposal to increase the surface area of allotted agricultural plots and grant tangible support to Kuwaiti farmers with the aim of increasing the agri... June 16, 2019 347 Category: Kuwait
MPs Have Submitted A Request To Allocate Two Hours To Discuss Security Protocols MPs have submitted a request to allocate two hours of the upcoming parliamentary session for the discussion of defense and security protocols, which were not tackled in the previous session when the g... May 23, 2019 287 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti MPs Has Submitted A Proposal To Ban PUBG Video Games Kuwaiti MPs Ryad Al-Adsani, Adel Al- Damkhi and Mohammad Al-Dallah on Tuesday presented a grilling motion to Acting National Assembly Speaker Isa Al-Kanderi against Minister of Information and Ministe... April 24, 2019 314 Category: Kuwait
MOI Has Submitted List Of Countries Whose Nationals Are Not Allowed To Enter Kuwait With Their GCC Sponsors The Ministry of the Interior has submitted to the Saudi Embassy a list of countries whose citizens are not allowed to enter the country with their GCC sponsors, in addition to the nationalities genera... March 22, 2019 580 Category: Kuwait
MP Submitted A Request To Hold A Special Parliamentary Session On The Unemployment Issue MP Osama Al-Shahen has submitted a request to hold a special parliamentary session on the unemployment issue. Al-Shahen confirmed that 18 other MPs have also signed on to his request, which will be di... March 19, 2019 295 Category: Kuwait
Amendments Added To Mental Health Bill Several amendments to the Mental Health Bill were submitted Tuesday in a bid to ensure that mental health patients and other individuals are protected from exploitation and different forms of legal ab... January 16, 2019 367 Category: Kuwait
Ministry On Trail Of Maltese Kuwaitis ‘Kuwaitis are buying Maltese citizenship’, the headline in a local daily has not gone unnoticed, reports Al-Rai daily. The headline has echoed within the walls of the National Assembly and... January 03, 2019 336 Category: Kuwait
Call To Relocate Egyptian Consulate MP Abdulwahab Al-Babtain has submitted a proposal to relocate the Consulate of Egypt from Al-Rouda to a place which is more suitable for serving the Egyptian community without causing traffic congesti... October 18, 2018 658 Category: Crime News
MP Submitted A Proposal To Stop The Recruitment Of Teachers From Countries Whose Education Index Ranking Is Lower Than Kuwait MP Faisal Al-Kandari submitted a proposal to stop the recruitment of teachers from countries whose education index ranking is lower than Kuwait. He explained, “We should not recruit teachers fro... October 03, 2018 889 Category: Kuwait
MP Saleh Ashour Submitted A Proposal On The Establishment Of Specialized Schools For The Disabled In Every Governorate In a bid to ease the difficulties that families of the disabled face in their day to day lives, MP Saleh Ashour submitted a proposal on the establishment of specialized schools for the disabled in eve... September 30, 2018 339 Category: Kuwait
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