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Strike At Sharq Fish Market Over Alleged Malpractices For the first time in the history of the Sharq Fish market, a large group of stall owners announced a strike, exited from the market abandoning their fish in protest against the office owners for sell... July 23, 2020 683 Category: Kuwait
Striking Workers To Receive Their Salaries 148 workers organized a strike in Mahboula on June 24 as they had not received their salaries for three months (March – April – May) for this year, reports Al Rai daily. The emergency team... June 29, 2020 1831 Category: Lockdown
Strike Of The Hospitality Workers - Demanding Salaries The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has been following up the strike of the hospitality workers of a company which signed a contract with the Ministry of Education, says Al-Seyassah. After inqu... December 03, 2019 7231 Category: Kuwait
Operations At Airport Regular Despite Strike Air navigation via Kuwait International Airport proceeded regularly on Monday despite a strike called by some personnel of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Saleh Al-Fdaghi, the DGC... November 12, 2019 6522 Category: Kuwait
MoI Deals With 900 Expats On Strike Who Have Not Been Paid For Several Months Ahmadi security department was contacted by officials from Ministry of Affairs against gathering of 900 construction workers mostly Asians who have not been paid for several months who are on refinery... October 12, 2019 640 Category: Kuwait
Strike By About 150 Workers Reveals The Ugly Face Of ‘human Trafficking’ Violation Of The Labor Law, In Kuwait The strike by 150 workers of one of the companies which has a contract with the Ministry of Communications to distribute mail has shown the ugly face of human trafficking, violation of the labor law, ... September 12, 2019 891 Category: Kuwait
Workers Union Chief Of DGCA Threatened Strike Chairperson of the Workers Union in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Jabber Al-Azmi has threatened that the union will organize a strike at the end of this month if the unified allowan... August 23, 2019 345 Category: Kuwait
Expat Workers Strike Due To Non Payment Of Salaries For More Then 3 Months A group of Asian workers working for a cleaning company who are subcontractors for Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs went on a strike in protest against the non-delivery of companies paid for more... April 17, 2019 360 Category: Kuwait
Taxi Drivers Strike Report Denied - Ministry Of Interior Reports denied: The Interior Ministry has denied reports which talked about the airport taxi drivers going on strike, reports Al-Anba daily. The ‘rumors’ about taxi drivers at the airpo... August 19, 2018 535 Category: Crime News
Jailed Kuwait Activists End Hunger Strike Fourteen imprisoned activists in Kuwait have ended a hunger strike, saying they succeeded in exposing the government's support for anti-government protests in Iran while barring them at home. O... January 12, 2018 893 Category: Kuwait
13 Imprisoned Activists In Kuwait Have Announced They Started A Hunger Strike Thirteen imprisoned activists in Kuwait have announced they started a hunger strike to protest what they say are the country’s “paradoxical” statements supporting protests in Iran, b... January 08, 2018 977 Category: Kuwait
150 Drivers On Strike For Non Payment Of Salaries Over 150 drivers organized a sit-in recently to protest against nonpayment of their salaries. A source from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor said the drivers are working in four departments at... November 05, 2017 637 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Lawyers On Strike Against Colleagues Imprisonment Kuwaiti lawyers will hold a rally today in front of the Criminal Court to protest the imprisonment of their colleague Misha’al Al Khanna. Kuwait Bar Association yesterday convened a meeting a... May 16, 2017 858 Category: Crime News
Donald Trump Ordered A Massive Military Strike On A Syria After Chemical Weapon Attack President Donald Trump ordered a massive military strike on a Syrian air base early Firday in retaliation for a barbaric chemical attack he blamed on President Bashar Al Assad. US warships launched 59... April 07, 2017 757 Category: International
Owners Of Stalls And Businesses Held A Strike Against The Rent Increase In Souk Mubarakiya Owners of stalls and businesses in Souk Mubarakiya at Kuwait City held a six-hour strike from the early hours of Thursday, March 16 to protest against the rent increase of up to 500 percent in some ca... March 17, 2017 674 Category: Kuwait
Workers On Strike Over Unpaid Wages Some laborers from the cleaning companies signing contracts with Ministry of Education have embarked on a strike to protest against the companies’ refusal to pay their salaries for three consecu... November 20, 2016 666 Category: Kuwait
200 Asian Workers On Strike Over Unpaid Wages Two hundred Asian workers have gone on strike in Kuwait after claiming that they had not been paid for six months. The men protested outside Kuwait’s Ministry of Justice. The newspaper did ... August 30, 2016 3066 Category: Kuwait
Expat Oil Workers End Strike Over Unpaid Allowances Over 1,200 contract oil workers, who were on strike over unpaid allowances at a Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) project site in Rawdatain, northern Kuwait, have returned to work. The expat workers went on... May 04, 2016 1103 Category: Kuwait
KPC Workers Who Spurned Strike To Be Rewarded Kuwait Petroleum Corporation CEO Nizar Al-Adsani sent an urgent letter to KOC, KNPC, KOTC and PIC CEOs over the workers’ recent strike and asked them for the names of workers who were at work du... April 29, 2016 1106 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Oil Workers Called Off Strike And Decided To Work The Kuwait Oil Workers Union on Wednesday called off a "total strike" and decided to return to work, hours after a fresh appeal by the acting oil minister. "In respect for the emir a... April 20, 2016 1770 Category: Kuwait
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