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Kuwait's Roads, Streets, And Highways Continue To Deteriorate Despite having been launched about three and a half years ago, the road resurfacing plan by the Ministry of Works and the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport is still under way. Those who co... May 21, 2022 140 Category: Kuwait
Commerce Department Bans The Import Of Noise-causing Vehicle Exhaust Systems On The Streets Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister of State for Economic Affairs Faisal Al-Medlej issued a decree banning the import of vehicle exhaust systems that cause noise in the street.   SO... January 30, 2021 636 Category: Kuwait
Cold Wave Expected In Coming Days The recent rains caused flooding and congestion on a number of streets and several roads cross the country. The weather forecast monitor at the Meteorological Department, Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, said ... December 07, 2020 350 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Visa Trafficking Company Found Hiring Expat Laborers For Begging On Streets Following the referral of an Arab mandoub and the owner of a company to the Public Prosecution for selling hundreds of commercial visas to expatriates, the Public Prosecution studied the company&rsquo... January 27, 2020 579 Category: Crime News
Muslim Women Occupy Streets In India Against Citizenship Law In the Indian capital's Shaheen Bagh neighborhood, beside open sewers and dangerously dangling electricity wires, a group of Muslim women in colorful headscarves sit in resistance to a new citizen... January 26, 2020 276 Category: India
Sinking Of Streets And Flying Gravels In first real test of preparations for rain resulted in sinking of streets and flying gravels as predicted by Al Qabas. Morning heavy rains blocked the roads and phenomenon of flying gravels were witn... December 17, 2019 587 Category: Kuwait
MP Gears To File 3 Grillings As the summer vacation draws to an end, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani disclosed that he prepared three interpellation motions for Interior Minister Lieutenant General Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah, Finance Minister N... September 01, 2019 305 Category: Crime News
MOI Installed 9 Mobile Cameras On Streets And Main Roads The Ministry of Interior has installed 9 mobile cameras on the streets and main roads, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily quoting security sources said that the task of these cameras is to monitor the ro... April 30, 2019 393 Category: Kuwait
Hawkers On Streets Selling Wood With the rising demand for wood which is considered the ‘fruit’ of winter as it is often used in camping sites and other areas during this season, some road pavements have been transformed... January 17, 2019 602 Category: Crime News
Human Rights On Europe Streets WHEN the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ uprising broke out in 2011, the European countries like France started warning the Arab countries against repression of human rights and urged them to resp... December 11, 2018 880 Category: article
Dogs Found Roaming Various Streets In Kuwait A spread of stray dogs has been witnessed recently at various residential areas in Kuwait. The public, Kuwaitis and expats have expressed concern as the canines could be carrying disease, which might ... September 25, 2018 365 Category: Crime News
Security Authorities Taking Necessary Steps In Preparation Of New Year Celebrations Security sources revealed that security authorities have been working on taking necessary steps in preparation of the New Year celebrations in order to ensure complete control of roads, streets and bo... December 19, 2017 537 Category: Crime News
Expats Must Present Original Academic Certificates For Renewal Of Their Residencies Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al- Sabeeh revealed that highly-qualified expatriates must present their original academic certificates for the renewa... October 11, 2017 3090 Category: Kuwait
Mass Protest On Streets As India Battles Lynching As social and communal strife continues to haunt different parts of India, political dispensation, social organization and common citizenry have come out on the streets, demanding the Indian governmen... July 09, 2017 1126 Category: India
Makeshift Market Set Up In Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Streets Marginal workers, unlicensed shops, sale of foodstuffs unfit for human consumption are doing brisk business in open areas in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. It looks like these areas are free for all where the ... June 30, 2017 1257 Category: Crime News
Municipality Changed Garbage Collection Time During Ramadan Kuwait Municipality has called upon all cleaning companies which have a contract with the Kuwaiti Municipality that the cleaning of the streets and collecting garbage should be done after breaking the... June 01, 2017 885 Category: Kuwait
MP Says I Will Be The First To Rush To The Streets To Defend Rulers “There is no one who disagrees with the legality of Al-Sabah Dynasty in their rule of Kuwait. If they are exposed to any danger, I will be the first to rush to the streets to defend them”,... April 26, 2017 782 Category: Crime News
Dangerous Potholes Have Emerged On Various Streets And Roads And Threaten The Lives Of Citizens And Residents Dangerous potholes have emerged on various streets and roads and threaten the lives of citizens and residents. They are the result of the widespread corruption in the Roads Sector of the ministry quot... April 07, 2017 748 Category: Kuwait
Workers Cleaning The Streets After The Celebration Holidays During the two-day national holidays resulted in the removal of 24 tons of garbage, confiscation of 2,250 bags and 17 lorry loads of water guns, arrest of 110 street vendors and confiscation of 28 ice... March 04, 2017 619 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Municipality Removed 61 Illegal Electoral Ads From The Streets no effort will be spared to depict a favorable and democratic image of Kuwait through extensive coverage of parliamentary elections due Saturday, Director General of the Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al-M... November 25, 2016 1631 Category: Information
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