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A Defect In A Main Station Cuts Power To Several Areas In Jahra The main switching station, Jahra AW, was out of service shortly before, causing power cuts to several areas in Jahra Governorate. The ministry said in a statement, “Emergency teams are current... December 03, 2020 341 Category: Information
Electricity: Regular Maintenance Of A Number Of Stations Tomorrow Today the Ministry of Electricity and Water announced that it will conduct periodic maintenance work, starting tomorrow, Sunday, on secondary transfer stations in a number of governorates of the count... November 15, 2020 608 Category: Information
The Team Is Inspecting The Readiness Of The Fire Stations For The Rainy Season The Chief of the General Fire Force, Lieutenant General Khaled Al-Mukrad, paid an inspection visit to the decision-making room, in the presence of the Deputy Chief of the General Fire Force for the Co... November 09, 2020 306 Category: Information
National Petroleum Opens A New Petrol Station In Saad Al-Abdullah City The National Petroleum Company has opened a new fuel filling station in Saad Al-Abdullah residential city, Block 8, which is the second station that the company operates in this city during the curren... October 31, 2020 707 Category: Business
Indian Woman Raped By An Egyptian An Indian woman recently lodged a complaint at Ahmadi Police Station against an Egyptian salesman of a mobile phone store, accusing him of raping her, reports Al-Rai daily. She explained that the s... April 04, 2019 908 Category: Crime News
Imported Truffle Boxes Stolen Personnel from the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Police Station are looking for unknown thieves who are said to have stolen dozens of boxes of imported truffle from a half lorry which was parked in front of the h... January 06, 2019 380 Category: Crime News
3 Youths Injured In Two Accidents Three youngsters under the ages of 23 years were injured in two separate accidents that occurred on Arabian Gulf Street and in Subbiya area, reports Al-Anba daily. The first accident took place whe... November 12, 2018 499 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Eve-teaser In Soup A Kuwaiti man in his 20s ran to a police station in Hawalli area seeking protection against a person who allegedly attacked him, reports Al-Anba daily. Apparently, officers at the police station were ... September 12, 2018 418 Category: Crime News
50 INJURED IN TRAIN STATION ACCIDENT IN BARCELONA Spain Emergency services say some 50 people have been injured when a morning commuter train crashed into the buffers in a station in northeastern Barcelona.   SOURCE : AYMANMAT .... July 28, 2017 772 Category: International
Mobile Stolen At Fuel Station An Indian national filed a case at Khaitan police station against an unknown individual who stole his cellphone from his car while he was refueling in the station, a case was registered.   ... July 12, 2017 782 Category: Crime News
GE Leads Digital Transformation Of Kuwaits Sabiya CCGT Power Station GE Power has completed, ahead of schedule, the digital transformation of Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water's Sabiya Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Power Station. This will help to make t... July 12, 2017 726 Category: Kuwait
2 Explosions In East Jakarta Near Bus Station Indonesia Fatalities and multiple injuries have been reported following what Indonesian police say are two apparent suicide blasts at Kampung Melayu bus station in eastern Jakarta, Police sa... May 25, 2017 567 Category: Crime News
Jahra Police Station Will Be Closed For 3 Months To Carry Out Repairs Works Jahra Police Station will be closed for 3 months from 16/4/2017 till 16/7/2017 to carry out repairs and maintenance works, The complaints will be received at Al-Naeem police station.   SOUR... April 09, 2017 2586 Category: Information
Syrian Expatriate Held For Suicide Attempt In Nugra Police Station A Syrian expatriate attempted to commit suicide using a plastic fork while he was detained in Nugra Police Station. The suspect was arrested because he had violated the residency law and he was detain... April 06, 2016 1132 Category: Kuwait
Two Iranians Escaped From Al-Zahra Police Station The security authorities have completed interrogations with the two Iranians who had escaped from the Al-Zahra Police Station but were rearrested a few hours later. The fleeing Iranians told interroga... March 29, 2016 1332 Category: Kuwait
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