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Sponsoring New Born In Kuwait Kindly let me know 2019 rules for the new born baby residence. I am on Visa 18 working in Kuwait and my salary is KD 375. My husband will come back on a new Visa 18 in the month of March but his salar... February 04, 2019 4923 Category: Legal
Mother Sponsoring Dependent Visa For A 2 Yr Old Child I am a female expat in Kuwait, I am working as a teacher. My salary will be KD 820. Will I able to get dependent visa for my 2 years old child? (I am not divorced, and my husband is not travelling wit... September 02, 2018 596 Category: Dependent Visa
Wife Sponsoring Husband On Dependent Visa Is it possible for a wife working in the private sector to sponsor her husband and get him a residency? Name withheld Answer: No, a wife cannot sponsor her husband on dependent visa. Indeed... August 26, 2018 477 Category: Dependent Visa
Dependent Visa Sponsoring Wife And Kids In my Izniamal my salary is mentioned below KD 450 but in my bank statement I get more. In 2013 my wife and kids were with me and they were on dependent visa but later we decided to cancel their visa.... June 30, 2018 2127 Category: Dependent Visa
Sponsoring Wife On Dependent Visa Can I sponsor my wife with KD 400 monthly salary + KD 100 allowance in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: No you can’t, because the law says that to sponsor someone on a family visa you ... March 30, 2018 1125 Category: Dependent Visa
22 Bogus Companies Shut Down For Sponsoring 90 Workers Who Are On A Blacklist Detectives from Residency Affairs Department discovered 22 bogus companies shut down for sponsoring 90 workers who are on a blacklist. Concerned authorities have since been notified to take necessary ... November 05, 2017 775 Category: Crime News
110 Laborers Found Under Closed Companies Residency affairs detectives discovered that 15 closed companies are sponsoring 110 laborers in the country. ; (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); According to report, ... October 05, 2017 590 Category: Crime News
Sponsoring Stamping Residence Of New Born Is the new rule for having a visa for new born baby which requires the father to earn a minimum monthly salary of KD 450 already being implemented? My husband iznil amal salary is only KD 150, but ... August 30, 2017 545 Category: Legal
Residence Still With Previous Company, Can I Resign From New Company Thanks for your education on legal matters. My question is I joined a company last December but my iqama is still with my previous company. I didn’t sign any contract with the new company. As I ... August 26, 2017 891 Category: Legal
Sponsoring Family Visa Based On Designation I have been working in Kuwait Airways as an Aircraft mechanic since last 6 months. My 2 kids are Irish national and wife is Pakistani national. My basic salary is KD 380 and along with the all allowan... July 12, 2017 997 Category: Legal
Doesnt Meet Salary Cap - Sponsoring Kids On Dependent Visa Although Wife Is On Dependent I want to know about family visa rules my husband have 350 KD salary. I am in dependent visa. I am here for past 6 years but our kids are in India they are 4 years and 2 years. Soon I will apply for a... July 07, 2017 705 Category: Dependent Visa
MOI Has Said Those Who Sponsor Their Parents Or Siblings Must Produce A KD 3,000 Certificate To Cover Medical Expenses The Ministry of Interior has said those who sponsor their parents or siblings must produce a KD 3,000 certificate from one of the insurance companies to cover the medical expenses annually. The dai... June 20, 2017 739 Category: Kuwait
Mother Sponsoring Visit Visa For Son I am a regular reader of your legal clinic column which is very helpful. My son is studying out of Kuwait. Earlier, he was on a Kuwait residence visa but now he is 22 years old. Since there will ... August 11, 2016 1180 Category: Visit Visa