News On Space
June Launch Set For First Kuwait Sat Orbital Space confirmed the success of the ongoing functional testing of the first satellite of Kuwait – 1U CubeSat QMR-KWT, according to a report published on satellite prome. com recently. Orb... February 02, 2021 282 Category: Technology
Lack Of Parking Space At MoE Head Office A large number of cars are parked around the Ministry of Education headquarters which lack parking areas, giving employees and visitors no option but to use platforms and every available space to park... May 16, 2019 300 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Faces Severe Shortage Of Parking Space Kuwait is going to face severe shortage of parking space across the country, Union of Kuwait Real Estate Federation said. In a press conference, officials of Real Estate Federation said that there is ... April 04, 2019 282 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Central Bank Sets Up Test Space For Fintech Kuwait’s Central Bank has issued regulatory guidelines for companies wishing to experiment with new financial technology products and services, it said on Monday. Kuwait’s regulatory te... November 27, 2018 403 Category: Business
Trader Forges Documents For More Hotel Space The Court of Cassation has detained a businessman who is accused of forging official government documents in order to increase the area of his business. The court also adjourned the case to mid-Jan... November 26, 2018 303 Category: Crime News
Ministry Of Defence Denies Breaching Iraqi Air Space The Kuwaiti Army on Wednesday categorically denied reports that an aircraft of the Kuwaiti Air Force had violated the Iraqi air space. The chairmanship of staff said it was determined that no such br... April 05, 2017 579 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Space Agency "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind." With these few words, American astronaut Neil Armstrong - the first man to set foot on the moon in 1969 - sparked humanit... March 08, 2017 1011 Category: Kuwait
India Launches 20 Satellites In One Rocket Setting a record in its space programme, India today successfully launched 20 satellites, including its earth observation Cartosat-2 series, in a single mission on board ISRO's workhorse PSLV-C34 ... June 22, 2016 3143 Category: India