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Visit Visa For Mother I am looking for some advice regarding visit visa for my mother. Please be advised that I am having a salary of KD 508 and I would like to know whether it is possible for me to bring my mother with th... May 11, 2019 2589 Category: Visit Visa
Some Motorists Are Reckless And Do Not Fear For Their Lives Although The Work Area Is Clearly Separated By Plastic Cones The Ministry of Public Works and the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport continue to work on the reasphalting of roads, according to the plan that was launched on April 2 to deal with the fl... April 26, 2019 302 Category: Kuwait
Some Women In Cafes Past Midnight – Cancel Family Sheesha In Cafes And Restaurants While the member of the Municipal Council Hamdi Nassar Azmi has submitted a proposal to cancel what is called ‘family sheesha’ in cafés and restaurants, his colleague has dropped a ... April 14, 2019 278 Category: Kuwait
Some Benefits Overlooked As People Blame Technology For Rifts In Society In light of talks about the disadvantages of technology and how modern technological devices have isolated children and adults from their societies, many have overlooked one of the most important adva... March 28, 2019 344 Category: Kuwait
Bill To Exempt Some Categories From Paying Fees The Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee of the National Assembly has approved a bill to exempt certain categories of people from paying fees imposed by government agencies as part of providing a d... December 24, 2018 321 Category: Kuwait
Some Cooperative Societies Witnessing Scarcity Of Eggs Some cooperative societies have recently witnessed a scarcity of eggs, compared to earlier times for various reasons, which have contributed to a slight increase in prices in parallel markets, reports... December 19, 2018 439 Category: Kuwait
Some Decisions That Deserve A Hats Off TAKING off the hat is a civilized symbol of approval and commendation for a person who did a certain work, statement or action. Taking off the hat means appreciation, gratitude and admiration for what... November 22, 2018 897 Category: article
Use Of Some Painkillers Without Prescription Is Illegal The consumption of Lerica pills, used as painkillers for some patients, is illegal without prescription, and a law will be activated soon to punish anyone who will be caught in possession of this pill... November 18, 2018 311 Category: Kuwait
Some Schools In Kuwait May Close Due Electrical Problems Ministry of Education announced Saturday that a number of schools are experiencing some technical problems after a wave of heavy rain gripping Kuwait since late Friday. Classes at some schools with e... November 11, 2018 327 Category: Kuwait
Some Ministries Suffering Due To Absenteeism Among Employees The new organizational structure of the public sector will have no place in any of the ministries or state institutions for employees who do not work hard, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a governmental ... November 07, 2018 332 Category: Kuwait
Some Suspicious Offices Still Selling Fake Certificates Although the Ministry of Higher Education has announced the existence of fake certificates, some suspicious offices still promote the sale of such certificates in the shortest time and for a cheaper p... September 24, 2018 452 Category: Kuwait
Fear Of AC Breakdowns Worries Some Institutions Even though the Cabinet has approved the formation of a department for the management, follow-up and control of crisis and for taking relevant decisions, the official declaration of such a department ... September 10, 2018 353 Category: Kuwait
Some Websites Giving Outdated Information On Dependent Visa I am working in Kuwait in a private sector in oil and gas construction and having a salary of KD 350 basic (KD 500 per month, 10 hours duty). Now I am planning to bring my wife with dependent visa, te... September 06, 2018 529 Category: Dependent Visa
Ministry Received Complains About Construction And Road Engineering Projects Minister of Public Works Hussam Al-Roumi has ordered the formation of two independent committees to determine violations and problems in projects executed by the ministry, reports Al-Jarida daily. ... September 02, 2018 592 Category: Business
A Law Allows Some Expats To Own One Real Estate Property The Civil Service Commission (CSC) is getting ready to designate 90 monitors to the employment affairs departments in different public institutions and ministries to follow up implementation of the de... September 02, 2018 403 Category: Kuwait
Double Swiping Of Payment Cards By Some Shops Could Be Dangerous Some shops have formed the habit of ‘double swiping’ payment cards at the electronic cash register after obtaining the initial authorization from the payment card issuer to collect details... June 14, 2018 587 Category: Kuwait
Philippine Ambassador Said Some 10000 Filipinos Are Living Illegally In Kuwait The Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, Renato Pedro Villa said some 10,000 Filipinos are living illegally in Kuwait, including 8,000 domestic workers who have fled their sponsors and pointed to the pres... August 27, 2017 580 Category: Crime News
PAM Is Studying A Proposal To Lift The Code 72 On Some Companies For Not Paying Salaries Public Authority of Manpower is studying a proposal to lift the block (of Code 72) on some companies for not paying salaries to their employees for several months, quoting a source from the authority.... August 15, 2017 626 Category: Kuwait
Govt Subsidies On Some Products Have Been Increased Al-Dammak added government subsidies on some products harvested in northern and southern Kuwait have been increased, while discussions held with officials of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) o... August 13, 2017 465 Category: Kuwait
Some Teachers Threaten To Take Kuwait To International Courts Represented By The MOE The crisis related to the rights of expatriate teachers has escalated to the extent that some teachers have threatened to resort to international courts to prosecute the State of Kuwait, represented b... August 01, 2017 520 Category: Kuwait
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