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Subsidized Fooder Sold At The Blackmarket In Wafra The Public authority for agriculture affairs and fish resources and inspection teams at the Ministry of Commerce managed to seize 3 thousand bags of subsidized feed, which are sold in several stores a... January 13, 2021 278 Category: Food
Seized Masks To Be Sold At Normal Price Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan said the masks which have been seized from one of the stores will be sold at a fair price, reports Al-Rai daily. Following reports that some trad... February 28, 2020 494 Category: Coronavirus
Souvenirs To Be Sold At Kuwait Zoo The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) has submitted a tender for the supply, installation and operation of a booth to sell souvenirs at Kuwait Zoo, reports Al-Rai d... February 11, 2020 163 Category: Kuwait
Cairo Master’s Degree Or PhD Sold To Kuwaitis For KD 1,500 Scores of offices have sprung up in the vicinity of the Cairo University which allegedly sell academic certificates to Kuwaitis and other nationalities, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily said it to... December 23, 2019 359 Category: Crime News
A Google Chrome Extension For Online Deals Was Sold For 1214360000 KWD In the age of startups, getting acquired by a major conglomerate is every budding CEOs dream. And recently, PayPal, a multi-billion dollar enterprise acquired Honey -- a Google Chrome extension that h... December 09, 2019 432 Category: Technology
Sex Toys Rampant In Kuwait - Sold Secretly Sex toys are rampant in Kuwait and are being sold to prospective buyers by a well-knit distribution unit and to beat the tight control by the security authorities the vendors usually use non- Kuwaiti ... October 14, 2019 3863 Category: Crime News
9 New Issues Of Human Trafficking - Each Visa Sold Between 2,000 And 1,500 KD The Ministry of Interior has referred nine new issues of human trafficking to the Public Prosecution, reports Al-Qabas daily. Sources familiar with the issue said those involved in human traffickin... September 05, 2019 397 Category: Kuwait
Rotten And Unlicensed Meat Sold In Farwaniya Farwaniya bachelors apartment was raided where rotten meat was being sold which was unfit for human consumption above and that they were operating without license. ... July 31, 2019 999 Category: Kuwait
Recycled E-waste Can Be Sold As Iron, Copper Municipal council member Maha Al-Baghli said she recently met with a group of young people who have a recycling project for electronic and electrical waste, reports Al- Rai daily. She pointed out thes... May 03, 2019 283 Category: Business
Egyptian Expat Arrested For Sold Passport And Staying In Kuwait Without A Passport An Egyptian expatriate named “Sadiq” was arresting for selling his passport to a compatriot and residing in the country without a passport. According to security sources, Farwaniya securit... May 03, 2018 469 Category: Crime News
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Sold In Kuwait To Be Replaced The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that in collaboration with the official dealership Babtain Samsung, all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones sold in Kuwait will be replaced within two w... September 20, 2016 1277 Category: Information
Cops Seized Stolen Construction Material Sold By Bangladeshis Officers from Farwaniya Security Directorate intercepted a vehicle transporting stolen construction materials. Apparently, patrolmen spotted the vehicle and ordered the driver to stop for checking and... June 25, 2016 2140 Category: Crime News
2 Arrested For Stealing A Car Jahra securitymen arrested two individuals for stealing a car which they sold to an unidentified person. A citizen filed a report at Taima Police Station that his car, a Ford explorer, was stolen and ... May 30, 2016 1101 Category: Crime News
Indian Women Are Sold For 4 Lakh Rupees In Gulf Countries The Gulf region, a source of wealth and opportunity for many in Southeast Asia is also a source of despair and horror for many. It is usually men who face the wrath, now women are also lured into Gulf... May 28, 2016 6096 Category: Crime News
No Donkey Or Dog Meat Sold In Kuwait Head of the Kuwait Municipality’s Hawalli branch Riyadh Al-Rabea’a, has denied rumors circulating on the social networking websites that restaurants in Kuwait serve donkey and dog meat&nbs... May 21, 2016 1373 Category: Kuwait
Story Of Witch Children And A Danish Woman Who Sold Everything To Help Them Since ages children are accused of practising witchcraft in Africa and reports about it are on the rise. Recently, a photograph of a woman feeding water to a severely malnourished child, accused of be... March 31, 2016 3208 Category: Kuwait
Filipina Maid Sold To Two Men By Veiled Woman The Ahmadi police are looking for a woman wearing niqab for selling a Filipino woman to two young men for flesh pleasure the woman hired the maid from a maids hiring office and drove straight to the c... February 15, 2016 4052 Category: Kuwait
Visa Sold For 1150 KD Residency affairs detectives arrested a mandoub (company representatives) and a citizen who forged the estimated number of workers needed for a farm, as 200 Arab workers are registered to the farm. Fo... December 23, 2015 4563 Category: Kuwait