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Court Sentenced A Man To Life Imprisonment For Smuggling 100 Kg Of Hashish The Court of Appeals overturned the verdict of a lower court which sentenced a man to life imprisonment for smuggling 100 kilograms of hashish aboard a vessel from Iran, reports Al-Anba daily. The cou... December 25, 2017 754 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Keen On Combating Human Trafficking, Smuggling Immigrants Kuwait voiced deep keenness on Thursday to protect humans from trafficking and smuggling as a form of contemporary slavery and a blatant violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed b... December 07, 2017 532 Category: Kuwait
Strict Measures Taken To Prevent Smuggling Of Subsidized Commodities The Ministry of Commerce and Industry called on the concerned monitoring bodies to take stricter measures to prevent smuggling of subsidized commodities after discovering that a large quantity of thes... November 24, 2017 1377 Category: Kuwait
PAM Executed Peaceful Protest Against MOSAL Decision Several inspectors at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) recently executed a peaceful protest in the premises of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development to communicate their displeasure ... October 11, 2017 714 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Stresses Commitment To Protection Of Human Rights And Against Human Trafficking Kuwait has underlined commitment to promotion and protection of human rights, as well as pursuing fight against human trafficking, which would ultimately honor objectives of the UN’s Sustainable... October 01, 2017 692 Category: Kuwait
Asian Expat Was Arrested For Smuggling Imported Liquor Bottles  An Asian expatriate was arrested in Farwaniya area for smuggling imported liquor bottles and selling them to his clients. According to security sources, when officers from General Department for... August 29, 2017 550 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Saudi Citizen To Life Imprisonment For Smuggling And Peddling In Illicit Drugs The Court of Appeals annulled the verdict of First Instance Court that sentenced a Saudi citizen to life imprisonment and deportation upon completing the term for smuggling and peddling in illicit dru... July 27, 2017 435 Category: Crime News
Don't Carry Someones Unknown Luggage-Declare Cash On Departure, Arrival Directorate General of Customs announced a plan to make things easier for Pilgrims returning from Hajj through Kuwait International Airport or any of the land borders, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In... July 23, 2017 1822 Category: Crime News
Woman Busted Smuggling 102 Iphones Into China A woman has been caught trying to cross the border between Hong Kong and mainland China with 102 iPhones taped to her body.  Police first became suspicious after noticing t... July 18, 2017 521 Category: International
Court Acquitted Kuwaiti Who Was Accused In Smuggling Hashish The Court of Appeals revoked the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which sentenced a Kuwaiti to ten-year imprisonment with hard labor over allegations of smuggling hashish through an &ldqu... July 14, 2017 464 Category: Crime News
Customs Officers At Kuwait Airport Arrested An Arab Expat For Smuggling Customs officers at Kuwait airport arrested an Arab expatriate who tried to smuggle into the country 200 Tramadol pills carefully hidden inside small medicine containers. A security source said the of... July 05, 2017 414 Category: Crime News
Drug Smuggling Attempts Foiled Members of the General Directorate of Coast Guard were able to thwart the attempt to smuggle 47 kilos of Hashish and 9000 narcotic pills into the country by a Citizen and four Egyptians, they were ref... July 04, 2017 590 Category: Crime News
Two Arab Expats Arrested For Smuggling 12 Tramadol Pills Antinarcotics men arrested two Arab expatriates who smuggled 12 Tramadol pills into the country for trade purpose. A security source said Drug Control General Department received information that the ... June 25, 2017 791 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced Egyptians To Four Years In Prison With Hard Labor For Trading In Drugs The Court of Appeals nullified the verdict of the Court of First Instance which sentenced four Egyptians to four years in prison with hard labor for trading in drugs including Tramadol and methampheta... June 19, 2017 440 Category: Crime News
Iraqi Arrested Over Drug Smuggling An Iraqi man was arrested for attempting to smuggle nearly 14000 of Captagon pills, the customs officers at Abdali border checkpoint was checking the truck that arrived from Iraq when they found the d... June 10, 2017 534 Category: Crime News
Syrian Arrested Over Drug Smuggling A Syrian man has been arrested for attempting to smuggle nearly 91000 of Captagon pills into the country , airport customs officers was checking the shipment that arrived from Lebanon when they found ... May 23, 2017 499 Category: Crime News
Smuggling With Pigeon Homing Pigeon busted smuggling drugs near the Abdali customs building with 168 of narcotic pills. SOURCE : AYMANMAT     ... May 22, 2017 3226 Category: Crime News
Asian Expatriate Was Arrested For Smuggling 6.1 Kg Of Heroin An Asian expatriate was arrested for smuggling 6.1 kilograms of heroin and large quantities of “Ice” drug by hiding them inside a shipment of electronic equipment sent to the country via c... May 17, 2017 1580 Category: Crime News
Drug Smuggling Attempt Foiled Members of the General Directorate of Coast Guard were able to thwart the attempt to smuggle Hashish into the country when the coastguard spotted a boat on radar systems and placed under surveillance ... May 15, 2017 478 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted Kuwaiti Related To Smuggling,Peddling And Production Of Narcotic Substance The Criminal Court acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen in his 20s against whom one of the biggest cases related to smuggling, peddling and production of the narcotic substance known as “Kemikal” (... May 14, 2017 814 Category: Crime News
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