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At Kuwait Airport, Five People Were Arrested With Marijuana, Hashish, Pills, Liquor Bottles, And Liquor Chocolates Five attempts at smuggling marijuana, hashish, and liquor were foiled by Kuwait Airport Customs. A total of five passengers from different flights to Kuwait were arrested for smuggling banned items. I... August 18, 2022 274 Category: Crime News
Marijuana, Larica seized from parcels arriving from the USA and China Kuwait Customs Air freight department seized four postal parcels. Among the first parcels were 12 bottles of marijuana oil concealed inside used clothing that came from the United States. Larica powde... February 15, 2022 192 Category: Crime News
Handling Smuggled Items In response to the Unified Customs Law No. 10/2003 for the Gulf Cooperation Council nations, the Ministry of Finance's Decision No. 30/2003 on customs data and regulations, and the current customs... February 15, 2022 156 Category: Kuwait
An attempt to smuggle 150,000 Captagon pills into Kuwait is foiled by Lebanon Al-Rai daily reports that Lebanon's authorities have foiled an attempt to smuggle 150,000 Captagon pills to Kuwait hidden inside chocolate bars. Judge Bassam Mawlawi, Minister of Interior and Muni... February 07, 2022 185 Category: Crime News
Asians Attempt To Smuggle 86 Kgs Of Hashish The Border Security along with the Coast Guards was able to intercept and stop a boat carrying 3 Asians who tried to infiltrate into Kuwait and smuggle suspected narcotics. According to a statement... January 05, 2022 377 Category: Crime News
Asian Attempts To Smuggle 17 Kgs Of Marijuana The Customs department at Kuwait International Airport at T4 terminal foiled an attempt of drugs being smuggled into the country, they suspected an Asian expat coming in with a handbag and a cabin bag... December 24, 2021 494 Category: Crime News
Belly Of Sheep Stuffed With Drugs The Ministry of Interior stated that new innovative ways have been used to smuggle drugs into the country. In its latest seizure live sheep’s belly was stuffed with drugs which were brought in f... November 23, 2021 482 Category: Crime News
Two Indians Arrested As They Attempt To Smuggle 450 Tramadol Pills November 01, 2021 873 Category: Crime News
Customs Seizes 1 Ton 221 Kgs Of Tobacco Smuggled In From China The Customs department seized a large quantity of tobacco estimated at 1,221 tons in the Doha warehouse, the shipment had come from a Gulf country to Shuwaikh port. It was hidden inside a ship and was... September 23, 2021 556 Category: Crime News
Bid To Smuggle Big Quantity Of Tobacco Foiled The Shuwaikh Port customs officers thwarted an attempt to smuggle into the country 2.405 million sachets of chewing tobacco into the country, reports Al-Rai daily. The contraband was hidden inside fou... July 25, 2021 396 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Foils Bids To Smuggle Drugs From Iran Hidden In Chocolates Customs officers at the Kuwait Airport had foiled an attempt to smuggle five kilograms of pure drugs into a chocolate shipment coming from Iran, local media reported. The officers suspected parcels... June 20, 2021 553 Category: Crime News
Customs: Thwarting An Attempt To Smuggle Captagon Pills Coming From An Arab Country The General Administration of Customs announced that it had thwarted an attempt to smuggle “Captagon” pills hidden in a container coming from an Arab country that contained goods that were... April 13, 2021 528 Category: Crime News
Coast Guard Foils An Attempt To Smuggle Falcons And Hawks The Coast Guard General Administration thwarted the attempt to smuggle a number of falcons and other birds into the country. A citizen was arrested and eight cages with smuggled birds were confiscated... March 01, 2021 366 Category: Crime News
Customs Foils Attempt To Smuggle Antiquities The Air Customs Department have seized antiquities and transferred them to the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters to decide the fate of the smuggled antiquities and to verify if they are g... December 12, 2020 345 Category: Crime News
Bid To Smuggle Drugs Foiled BY Customs Customs officers at the Nuwaiseeb border port have seized hashish, about two and- a-half kilos and narcotics pills from one of the cars that attempted to smuggle narcotics into the country, reports Al... November 15, 2020 418 Category: Automotive
Bid To Smuggle 270 Kilos Of Shabu Foiled The Shuwaikh Customs officers foiled an attempt by two men to smuggle into the country 270 kilos of shabu, into the country, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, when personnel from the General Depa... November 05, 2020 712 Category: Crime News
Bid To Smuggle Falcons Foiled The Pakistani authorities announced, Saturday that they had thwarted an attempt to smuggle out of the country endangered falcons valued at more than a million dollars, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily ... October 19, 2020 607 Category: Crime News
Bid To Smuggle Drugs Obstructed Air Cargo customs officers have seized air parcels which arrived in the names of six Kuwaitis. The parcels contained cocktail of drugs — marijuana concentrate (oil, wax), chemical paste, and Lyr... September 17, 2020 506 Category: Automotive
Kuwaiti Citizen Fails To Smuggle A Syrian From Jleeb A Kuwaiti citizen failed in his attempt to smuggle an Syrian national from an isolated area of ​​Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. The citizen crossed a security point, collided with a patrol vehicle, fought wit... June 26, 2020 1221 Category: Crime News
Attempt To Smuggle 20 Kgs Meth Foiled The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced today, Tuesday, that the security forces concerned had thwarted an attempt to smuggle 20 kilograms of narcotic substance Methamphetamine (Shabu) by land and ... June 09, 2020 676 Category: Crime News
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