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No Signature On Visa From Passport Office I recently applied for a family visa, and I received an entry visa from Rigae Jawazat. I sent it to India and yesterday when my wife went for medical, they told me her visa was without a signature. An... December 21, 2019 658 Category: Legal
Kuwaiti Woman Acquitted Of Stealing The Husband’s Semen And Forging His Signature The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti woman of stealing the husband’s semen and forging his signature for testtube fertilization. The Public Prosecution Department charged the woman for usin... January 08, 2019 771 Category: Crime News
Signature Of A Minister To Facilitate Business Is Conflict Of Interest Several Constitution experts and legal practitioners unanimously agreed the idea of a lawmaker securing the signature of a minister to facilitate processing of transactions as a form of criminal confl... April 19, 2018 531 Category: Kuwait
Court Has Acquitted A Former MP Of Tricking A Female Citizen Into Having Sexual Relations The Criminal Court has acquitted a former MP of tricking a female citizen into having sexual relations with him. According to the prosecution files, the female citizen accused the former MP of trickin... November 16, 2017 565 Category: Crime News
A Kuwaiti Sponsor Signature Forged An unidentified Arab representative of a company has been arrested for forging the signature of his Kuwaiti sponsor, applying seven visas on his behalf and selling them for more than KD 12,000. The fo... March 25, 2016 1240 Category: Kuwait
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