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Kuwait Has The Second Largest Number Of Stock Exchanges Among Global Markets The Kuwait Stock Exchange, according to The Economist Intelligence, was the second-best performer among some of the world's top stock exchanges during the past 12 months. The performance of the... May 29, 2022 188 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Is The Second In The Gulf Region In Population Growth Kuwait ranked second with the average annual population growth rate in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries between 2015 and 2019, with a growth rate of 3%, and Qatar preceded it with 3.5%, and Oman... December 20, 2020 541 Category: Information
IEA Says The Second Wave Of Covid-19 Can Decrease The Global Oil Demand Again A second emerging wave of highly-contagious Covid-19 virus is slowing global oil demand after a timid recovery over the summer period when lockdowns were ending and people began travelling for holiday... October 14, 2020 457 Category: Coronavirus
For The Second Time New Zealand Celebrates The Elimination Of Corona New Zealanders celebrate the elimination of the deadly Corona virus for the second time, as health officials announced the end of restrictions in Auckland with the recovery of the last six infected re... October 08, 2020 635 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwaiti Red Crescent: A Second Relief Plane Takes Off For Sudan The Red Crescent Society announced today the departure of the second relief plane from Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base to Sudan, carrying 40 tons of foodstuffs, medicines, tents and water pumps to be del... September 13, 2020 376 Category: Information
Second Wave Of Oil Decline After a few months of stability that lifted the crude oil price from its bottom of less than $20 to $45 per barrel, the oil market will be facing another decline in the coming months. This is certainl... September 13, 2020 1356 Category: Economics
Second Fire Breaks Out On Fuel Tanker Sailing From Kuwait To Sri Lanka A pokesman for the Sri Lankan Navy said today that an oil tanker has re-set fire to the east coast of the country, and that international efforts are needed to extinguish it. This comes after the spo... September 03, 2020 1439 Category: Information
Second Coronavirus Case Discharged After Completing Quarantine A second case, which contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19), was discharged after completing the necessary quarantine period, said a Health Ministry spokesman Wednesday. Ministry spokesman Dr. Abdul... March 05, 2020 462 Category: Coronavirus
Second Reads, Grillings Up For Next Assembly Session The National Assembly, during its upcoming session this Tuesday, is scheduled to discuss the interpellation submitted by MPs Mohammed Hayef and Mohammed Al-Mutair against the State Minister for Cabine... April 29, 2019 254 Category: Kuwait
Good Country Index Puts Kuwait As Second In Gulf Kuwait is ranked second among the Gulf countries and 67 globally on the index ‘Good Countries’ for 2019, which measures the impact and contribution of each country to the welfare of mankin... January 27, 2019 469 Category: Kuwait
Britain Became A Second Home For Kuwaitis British Ambassador to Kuwait Michael Davenport said on Wednesday that Britain became a second home for many Kuwaitis who are investing in real estate in the UK, studying in its universities and travel... January 24, 2019 411 Category: Kuwait
Iyas Bin Maad School Organized The Second Kuwait Martyrs Championship Iyas Bin Maad School organized the second Kuwait Martyrs Championship in which a number of stars headed by Tareq Diab, Saad Al- Houti and Mohammed Karam among others participated. Head of the organizi... June 12, 2018 1141 Category: Sports
Kuwait Airways Corporation Dismisses Reports On Stalled Deliver Its Second Boeing Aircraft Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) denied on Tuesday the veracity of reports claiming that aviation giant Boeing has refused to deliver its second “B777-300ER” aircraft to KAC on financial g... December 21, 2016 964 Category: Kuwait
More Than 1000 Arrested In Ardiya Raids Hundreds of people were arrested in a police crackdown in Industrial Ardiya Tuesday night, hours after 545 expatriates were arrested in an unscheduled campaign in the same area. During the second cam... December 31, 2015 10076 Category: Kuwait
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