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Search Continues For Missing Asians According to a local Arabic daily, personnel from the Directorate-General of Fire Department's (DGFD) Fire and Maritime Rescue Department are searching the sea for an unidentified Asian who went m... April 02, 2022 131 Category: Kuwait
No-shows Nix Panel Meet As Chemical, Bacterial Pollution Plagues Kuwait Bay The parliamentary Environment Affairs Committee was supposed to meet on Wednesday to discuss the rising pollution level at Kuwait Bay. However, Committee Chairman MP Hamad Al-Matar adjourned the meeti... September 29, 2021 165 Category: Kuwait
Swimming In Polluted Water? ‘Sewers, Chemicals To Sea’ The parliamentary Environment Affairs Committee discussed Thursday the rising pollution levels at Kuwait Bay and other coastal areas. Committee Chairman MP Hamad Al-Matar disclosed that a new source o... September 16, 2021 214 Category: Kuwait
Drowning At Sea Firefighters recovered the body of an unidentified person who drowned at sea off Salmiya and securitymen thwarted an attempt by a young woman to end her life. According to a security source, when the ... July 31, 2021 249 Category: Crime News
5 Rescued As Boat Sinks In Choppy Seas The Coast Guard and Marine Rescue personnel rescued 5 Kuwaitis after their boat sank four miles off Al-Dabaia due to bad weather. According to a security source, the Operations Room received a report ... June 21, 2021 272 Category: Crime News
Over 500 Cameras In Constant Watch At Kuwait’s Air, Sea And Land Ports  Kuwait ports (sea, land and air) are under the supervision of the General Customs Administration, round the clock, through the “Main Control and Surveillance Room” established at Kuw... September 15, 2020 532 Category: Information
Thwart Attempt To Smuggle Narcotics By Sea The Ministry of the Interior announced that the border security sector represented by the General Coast Guard managed to thwart the attempt to smuggle a large amount of narcotics into the country by s... August 31, 2020 437 Category: Crime News
A Citizen Drowned In The Sea Of ​​Khiran Chalets A 60-year-old citizen drowned in the sea of ​​Khiran Chalets, today, forensic evidence were informed to remove the body.   Source: Kuwaitfferings ... August 28, 2020 949 Category: Kuwait
We Do Not Prevent Citizens And Residents From Going Down The Sea - MOI The Ministry of Interior said that it does not prevent citizens and residents from going down the sea and being on the beaches, but its role is only to address the wrong behaviors or violate public mo... July 15, 2020 691 Category: Kuwait
Attempt To Smuggle Drugs Via The Sea Foiled An attempt to smuggle a large quantity of drugs via the sea was thwarted in Kuwait. A coastguard patrol searched a boat which entered a banned zone and discovered seven bags filled with drugs.... January 13, 2020 320 Category: Crime News
Oil Sector To First Time Launch Drone To Monitor All Sensitive Oil Zones On Land And Sea Oil sector for the first time will launch “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”, an aircraft without human pilot” commonly known as drone with advanced automatic equipment to monitor all sensiti... November 28, 2019 288 Category: Kuwait
19-year-old Man Died By Drowning In The Sea A 19-year-old man died by drowning in the sea near the chalets area of Sabah Al-Ahmad City. When the Control Room of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) received information about the incident, mar... July 07, 2019 553 Category: Crime News
Famous Cafe On Sea Front Pours Oil On Seats To Force Customers To Enter The Café The environmental police have opened an investigation into the fact that the management of one of the famous cafes located has poured oil on the seats and restrooms nearby a sea front to prevent the m... April 03, 2019 373 Category: Crime News
Philippines Worried It May Get Involved In 'war' At Sea For US – Call To Re-examine Treaty The United States is more likely to be involved in a “shooting war” in the disputed South China Sea than the Philippines but the latter would be embroiled in such a conflict just the same ... March 06, 2019 490 Category: International
The Old Man And The Sea The unexpected heavy rainfall in Kuwait almost three months ago damaged the public and private properties. A senior official had to pay the price for nature’s anger, so both the director of the ... January 28, 2019 1054 Category: article
Devil And Deep Blue Sea IN any political or security crisis experienced by a country, which could be natural, the solution process starts with various approaches – among them the transparent method by which the inciden... November 01, 2018 1249 Category: article
Indian Drowns At Sea A 1999-born Kuwaiti citizen was found dead in the bathroom of Zahra Park. According to security sources, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information about a dead man inside t... June 15, 2018 627 Category: Crime News
Man Pulled From Sea Near Egaila A 44-year-old Citizen suspect seemed to be in an abnormal condition was detained after he tried to commit suicide, the man was rescued by securitymen after he jumped into the sea in Egaila, he was ref... January 06, 2018 788 Category: Crime News
Union Urged All Authorities To Cooperate In Eradicating Pollution Of The Sea Despite the past demands made by the union concerning the urgent need for sewage treatment, the sewage pollutants find their way into sea especially Kuwaiti Bay. In a statement issued on Saturday, ... April 24, 2017 1047 Category: Kuwait
Coast Guard Foils Bid To Smuggle Birds Into The Country Via Sea Coast Guard Department foiled two attempts to smuggle a total of 10 birds of prey and 101 bustards into the country via sea. In a press release issued by Ministry of Interior, the ministry’s Gen... November 15, 2016 747 Category: Crime News
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