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2 Youths Stabbed – Settling Scores The Sabah Al- Nasser area witnessed a bloody quarrel where two groups of youths used swords, knives and sticks and whatever they can lay their hands on. A reliable source told the Al-Seyassah daily, t... April 24, 2021 559 Category: Crime News
Pay 1000 KD And Get A Job - Scores Of Expat Workers Cheated By Human Peddlers Scores of workers demonstrated in downtown Kuwaiti City in one of the towers because the company that hired them has allegedly failed to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract ... December 04, 2019 432 Category: Kuwait
Disasters Are Not Occasions For Mockery And Settling Of Scores IT IS very shameful to transform the unexpected heavy rainstorm into an avenue for new blackmail, which some weak minds have embarked on as they are used to exploiting every opportunity to politically... November 13, 2018 1138 Category: article
Steps Taken To Raid Scores Of Vice Dens In Salwa Area A member of the Municipal Council and Head of Hawally Committee Abdullah Al-Roumi revealed that a moral committee has been formed by Ministry of Interior and Kuwait Municipality to raid locations with... June 22, 2018 629 Category: Crime News
Interpellation Or Tools For Disruption And Settling Scores AFTER the renewal of confidence in Minister of Oil and Minister of Social Affairs, it did not take long for some MPs to wave a new interpellation against His Highness the Prime Minister. It seems a... May 13, 2018 1533 Category: article
Scores Of Taxis Without Rate Meters Impounded The Interior Ministry suddenly swung into action and impounded scores of taxis for not abiding by a government decision which forces them to use the taxi meter, a decision approved by the ministry ear... September 08, 2016 1429 Category: Information
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