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Kuwait To Experience Scattered Rain Accompanied By Thunderstorm The country will continue to be affected by unstable weather, with the spread of low and medium clouds, interspersed with cumulus clouds to cause scattered rain that is sometimes thunderstorm, predict... November 11, 2020 516 Category: Kuwait
Warm Weather In Kuwait Over Weekend The weather in Kuwait will be warm with partial clouds in the coming days, said meteorologist Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi. The country is currently affected by high pressure that will recede gradually, allowi... April 05, 2019 373 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Scattered, Thunderous Rain Expected In Some Areas, Mangaf Tunnel Will Be Closed In A Precautionary Measure Directorate General of Civil Aviation's Meteorological Department said on Wednesday that Kuwait's weather is currently witnessing unstable conditions with light to moderate freshening at times... November 14, 2018 782 Category: Kuwait
Scattered Rain Expected In Unstable Weather Current weather in Kuwait is unstable amid northeasterly dusttriggering winds that turn northwesterly with speed estimated at 20-60 km/h, meteorologist Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi said. Strong winds have brou... October 28, 2018 400 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Kuwait's Weekend Weather Will Be Cloudy With Chances Of Scattered Rain The weather in Kuwait will gradually stabilize during daytime Thursday; however, partial clouds and scattered rains might occur in some areas, said Meteorologist Yasser Al-Bloushi on Thursday. Spea... March 01, 2018 781 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Heavy Rain Hit Kuwait, Ministry Warn Drivers Heavy rain hit Kuwait Saturday as the country was affected by south easterly winds with speed that reached as high as 42 km/h. Nearly 7mm of rain were recorded around the country, while a chance of sc... February 25, 2018 894 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Is Currently Affected By Seasonal Sudan Depression Kuwait is currently affected by seasonal Sudan depression, accompanied by relatively humid air, which might lead to increasing clouds in the coming days accompanied by scattered and heavy rain, said A... February 23, 2018 750 Category: Kuwait
Partial Clouds, Scattered Rain In Kuwait Throughout Weekend The country is forecast to witness partial clouds and scattered rain today and in the coming days, said the Weather Monitor at Kuwait Meteorological Department Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi on Wednesday. He ... April 28, 2017 1025 Category: Kuwait
Chance For Scattered Rain On Friday Due To The Presence Of Low Pressure Wind There is a chance for scattered rain on Friday due to the presence of low-pressure wind in Kuwait’s atmosphere, said the official at the Kuwait Meteorological Department Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi. Spe... April 07, 2017 698 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Weather Will Remain Cool Till Friday Kuwait will be affected today and tomorrow with high pressure to be followed with low pressure effective Friday night, meteorologist Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi said. In a statement to KUNA, he said the high ... March 09, 2017 1031 Category: Weather in Kuwait
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