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Sand Collapse At Airport Construction Site; Search Is On For 3 Missing Workers Fire fighters continues their search on three missing people after a sand load collapse at the construction site of new Kuwait International airport terminal. According to report, three expatriate ... September 08, 2021 433 Category: Crime News
‘Sand Dunes’ In Residential Area Makes Living Difficult The head of the Sabah Al-Ahmad Residents Committee, Turki Al-Osaimi, called on the Minister of Housing, Shaya Al-Shaya, to address the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) to expedite the afforestation wor... June 14, 2021 363 Category: Kuwait
Sand Collapse Nepali Victims Get Full Monetary Compensation Yesterday, the Embassy of Nepal received ‘monetary compensation’ on behalf of the sand collapse victims, an incident that happened in the city of Mutla’a, in the presence of the cont... February 20, 2020 465 Category: Kuwait
A New Report On The Theft Of Sand And Gravel Revealed A new report on the theft of sand and gravel worth 40 million dinars was revealed by the Al- Qabas yesterday, which coincides with the decision of the Director- General of the Kuwait Municipality to r... March 14, 2019 419 Category: Crime News
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