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Kuwaitis Earn An Average Salary Of 1490 Dinars Per Month; Non-Kuwaitis 331 Dinars A statistic released by the Central Statistics Department shows that Kuwaiti labor market wages are 1,490 dinars per month, while non-Kuwaiti wages are 331 dinars. It has been shown in statistics t... February 06, 2022 5697 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait: KD700 Salary A Must For Expats' Loaning Some banks in Kuwait have adopted a tougher lending policy towards expatriates, including setting KD700 as a minimum monthly salary for the would-be borrower, according to a local newspaper. After ... January 11, 2022 1557 Category: Expats
CSC Set To Approve Nomination Of Citizens For Jobs – Consultants Max Salary 700 KD The Civil Service Commission (CSC) will soon approve the nomination of citizens who applied for jobs in the governmental sector to cover the manpower needs of ministries, government agencies and insti... September 19, 2021 419 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Doctor’s Must Save 55 Years Full Salary To Buy A 500 Sq Mts Plot A junior Kuwaiti doctor must save his full salary for about 55 years in order to buy 500 square meters land in the most expensive residential area in Shuwaikh in the Capital Governorate where the valu... July 05, 2021 565 Category: Kuwait
Office Must Compensate Sponsor If Worker Failure The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) said a Kuwaiti citizen has the right to report any request from the owner of a domestic workers recruitment office to hike the price of recruitment to help impl... May 22, 2021 2374 Category: Kuwait
Municipality To Terminate 50 Expat Workers The Civil Service Commission has requested the Kuwait Municipality to terminate the services of 50 non-Kuwaiti employees working on the second contract clause on lump-sum salary, in implementation of ... May 08, 2021 382 Category: Expats
‘Guards Salary Crisis Solved’ The Financial Sector in the Ministry of Education has addressed the school guards’ salary crisis by paying all overdue bills to the concerned company – a total of KD 700,000, reports Al-Ra... April 26, 2021 281 Category: Kuwait
Decision To Cut Engineers Salary Rapped The head of the Kuwaiti Society of Engineers, Engineer Faisal Al-Atal, criticized the Civil Service Commission’s decision to cut citizens’ salaries and allowances during the corona pandemi... April 22, 2021 4238 Category: Kuwait Society of Engineers
Unpaid Expat Gets Cash Exceeding His One Year Salary From Kuwaitis, MPs A large number of citizens visited the school where the alleged oppressed security guard works, and gave him sums of money which exceeded the money owed to him by the company. It is said one of the Ku... April 21, 2021 953 Category: Expats
Egyptian School Guard In Kuwait Cries After Not Receiving Salary For 5 Months A video of an Egyptian school guard, Mohammed Kamal Jaafar, went viral on Monday as he expressed his frustration for not having received his salary for over five months. Jafaar told local media, &l... April 20, 2021 2368 Category: Kuwait
‘Grant Educational Zones Power To Suspend Absent Employees Salary’ Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education at the Ministry of Education Osama Al- Sultan has submitted a proposal to acting Undersecretary of the ministry Faisal Al-Maqsid on granting educational z... March 07, 2021 314 Category: Education
57 Hawally Municipality Employees Drawing Salary Without Coming To Work Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) announced that it has referred supervisors and executive officials in the Kuwait Municipality and others to the Public Prosecution on charges of forgery, base... February 24, 2021 622 Category: Crime News
Salary Cut For Employees Who Violate Preventive Health Measures The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced the imposition of penalty, including a deduction in salary for those who violate health requirements and preventive measures to confront the Coronavirus. ... February 04, 2021 501 Category: Kuwait
Employees Outside Kuwait Getting Paid Despite Of A Decision To Stop Paying Salaries The Ministry of Education recently discovered that a large number of its employees, who are currently outside the country, continue to receive their salaries despite the issuance of a decision to stop... January 24, 2021 434 Category: Kuwait
KNPC Fuel Stations Workers Demand Delayed Four Months Salary Payment Employees of the petrol stations of the Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC) recently held a strike in protest against the delay in payment of their salaries by their employer for the past fou... December 30, 2020 347 Category: Information
Prisoner Promoted And Received Salary From Former Workplace For 3 Years  For three years, Ministry of Education continued to pay the salaries of an imprisoned Kuwaiti teacher without noticing it, and even promoted him from teacher (E) to teacher (D) based on assessme... October 25, 2020 788 Category: Information
400 KD Salary for Maids in Black Market The head of Domestic Workers Recruitment Office Union Khaled Al Dakhnan stated that since visas are not opened for domestic workers the monthly salary of a domestic worker on black market has reached ... September 28, 2020 3169 Category: Kuwait
Receiving Salaries Seems Like A Dream These Days – ‘Difficult To Live Under These Conditions’ Hundreds of workers employed by security and cleaning companies including security guards are facing financial difficulties as they have not received their salaries for the last three months, which is... July 13, 2020 7261 Category: Kuwait
Salary Clause In Labor Law Shift Hit – Cut Up To 50% Even though the government referred a bill to the National Assembly to amend the labor law of the private sector in a manner that allows employers to reduce the salaries of their employees or give the... June 03, 2020 4989 Category: Coronavirus
Workers Protest As Salary Not Paid For 4 Month By An Oil Company In Abdali A protest sit-down was held by workers of one of the companies operating in the oil sector in the Abdali area in the north of the country, reported Al Rai daily.  The Public Authority for Manpowe... May 20, 2020 7874 Category: Kuwait
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